Ends & Beginnings.

Hellooooo!!! I have missed this little corner of my life!!! Let’s catch up!!

  1. I finally logged into my wordpress for the first time since I last wrote in January. I’m getting the itch to write again (that sometimes happens after a nice little happy hiatus!) but gosh, not turning my computer on but several times a week sure helped in the productivity department!!
  2. We are one month from our big move–happy & sad! Sad to leave, happy to go. :)
  3. Our house has SOLD! It took A day. WOAH for good staging, a great realtor and a happenin’ market! Oh, and a pretty awesome, well loved home! The best news of all, Caroline’s fancy nursery will be enjoyed by a sweet little girl who should be on her way into this world any day now…aaaaaand cue tears!
  4. Everett is TWO! How did that even happen? I realized I never got to blog his first birthday. His second was full of all things diggers & dump trucks, as he is OBSESSED. Thus, his formerly nautical big boy room is now going to be an industrial chic construction haven. & I am contemplating a big boy bed…eek!
  5. Meanwhile, the little miss and I are singing Let it Go on repeat, repeat, repeat. & we are planning the most awesome rainbow room for our new home–all her idea! We’re still negotiating about those purple walls she wants. I think we may be able to compromise on a plum-ish color like elsa’s north mountain cape for ONE wall…yowza. The girl knows what she wants…shocker. ;)styleberry2014 update
  6. We found a rental in St. Louis! I still haven’t seen in in person (yikes!) but for this season of life, it’s not worth the logistics of making a quick trip up. & we already signed the lease. Ha! This is a new journey for us, as we’ve been homeowners (twice!) for about ten years now. I anticipate some growing pains with the limitations of a rental, but overall, I am SO excited to be in a new city, and right in the heart of it. Maybe even some blogging about how to make a house that is not yours, a home. Until then, I am soaking up every last word of The Nesting Place, a very inspiring read.
  7. I’ve had a not-so-awesome female anatomy diagnosis…the P word…prolapse. As in, pelvic organ prolapse. Heard of it? Well you’re gonna. I am making it my new mission to build awareness about this, as it affects HALF of all women. HALF. Eh, I am healthy. YOUNG! Can’t happen to me. I work out!! HA. Then one day after setting some PRs in my weights class and heading into well over a hundred heavy, HEAVY deadlifts…it happened. (or shall I say, I finally felt it happening) I promise to educate you so you don’t end up in my shoes!
  8. Yoga is goooood. I swear, the more yoga, the happier mama.
  9. stylebabyLOG update–I still have about a dozen in inventory, and will be shutting the shop down until we get settled. They will likely not be available again until the fall. If you want one, grab it! I’ll give the BUY NOW link about another two weeks live, then I can’t promise you’ll get one any time soon!
  10. How awesome has the San Antonio winter/spring been?! Man, this place is tricking me into thinking the weather is tolerable.
  11. The Power of Habit. GREAT read. Life changing, for me–especially as it relates to parenting! :)
  12. We are thisclose to being done with residency!!!!!! I know what lies ahead is infinitely worse, but this is a major milestone for us, and I am so excited for the next chapter!

Whew. It’s been in insane four months. Pretty sure the next four are going to be equally as crazy–but hopefully the GOOD kind of crazy! Change is good. New places to explore are exciting. & I keep getting asked for a “Best of San Antonio” article and I PROMISE that I will get that going! Despite my love/hate relationship with this city, there really is a lot that I am going to miss. Wait, what? No really. There are some gems here and you absolutely, positively cannot beat the community of mothers. I don’t even want to think about what life would have been like raising two infants without my village. This is an awesome place to be a mom!! :)

More soon!


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