Everett’s Modern Construction Room

I am not a “move in a little” kind of person. When we land, we LAND. & that house becomes home. I am trying very hard to do the same here in my current short term rental (one more room to paint!) but our home in St. Louis was a really joyful place for me. So much there was hard, but we hit the jackpot with our rental. Our landlord let me have free reign with the house and after painting every inch, it definitely felt like home. It is by far my favorite house we’ve ever lived in, despite the really hard chapter we lived in it. The home’s abundance of natural light was always a bright spot amongst a lot of gloomy days. & Everett’s room may have been my favorite. You already saw Caroline’s Rainbow Room, but this–this was ALL boy. The yin to her girly yang. & it was SO fun to create!

After creating Everett’s gender neutral nursery, I was so excited to create a true BOY room. I went all in. Inspired by his love of all things construction, and his obsession with blue, this room was a joy to curate. I collected most of it before we moved to St. Louis and he spent nearly a year in his crib (which was where the tee pee is in these images) before it transformed into his big boy room. I’ll link sources at the end. :)


I fell in love with the idea of a deep almost teal Blue after reading one of our favorite books, Sidney Stella and the Moon by Emma Yarlett. I always find one item that is the inspiration for my whole color palette–and this beautiful book was it!

emma yarlett

Despite the color chip above, the wall color is Jazz Club by Allen + Roth (ar2105), which I found to be the perfect deep moody blue with a hint of teal. It’s not a true navy–there is definitely some green in there, which is part of why I love it.

It wouldn’t be a space of mine without just the right eclectic gallery wall. :) We love filling our home with things that make us happy–and pictures are the first things that make it feel like home. & mismatched pillows. My love of mismatched pillows runs deep.


This teepee is just the bold pop I had dreamed when I first laid eyes on it. It belonged in a room like this and it it my fave! There is nothing better than decorating with beautiful books–so I built another set of these bookshelves to help foster his love of reading that we all value so much. Who can resist those bright books? :)

I also ran into a tricky challenge, as the window frame here was smack up against the corner of this wall. I actually ran the galvanized pipe straight into the wall instead of using an elbow joint like you see on the right. Problem solved! Whew. styleberry_boy-construction-room_4-blog

I am always on a mission to make themes look modern & fun–not so theme-y. E still calls this his “digger room” and there are just a few hints of his beloved construction equipment. A little goes a long way!


  • Bed: Pottery Barn Belden Bed + Dresser (scored 80% off at the PB outlet in San Marcos!) It doesn’t look like this color is available anymore.
  • Duvet: West Elm Ticking Stripe in Horseradish
  • Sheets: Circo by Target
  • Euro Shams: Ralph Lauren from HomeGoods
  • Geometric Pillow: Paisley Sprouts
  • Patchwork Rag Quilt: Etsy seller, no longer in business
  • Watercolor Construction Art: Flights by Number
  • Curtains: West Elm
  • Galvanized Rod: Lowe’s
  • Lamp: HomeGoods
  • Tee Pee: Land of Nod
  • Pillows in TeePee: West Elm
  • Name Pillow: Anna Joy French
  • Wire basket: HomeGoods
  • Mobile: Gifts Define (remember it here?!! Oh, he was so little!)
  • Arrow Marquis Light: PB Kids
  • Wire Wall Buckets: HomeGoods
  • Wall Color: Jazz Club by Allen + Roth (ar2105)

*please know, many of these items were purchased 3+ years ago–but may still be available if you try hard enough.

I think that’s everything. Who ever said girls were more fun than boys surely never decorated a construction loving little boy’s room–and watched him gasp at the big machines on beloved BLUE walls! SO so FUN!! :)

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