How to place a rug under a bed | Design Tip

Back before this was styleberryPHOTO this was styleberryHOME. I am just a gal with a lot of interests. I like to make pretty things. Pictures. Bedrooms. Projects. It brings me joy! :) I am a certified home stager & I have a love for all things home decor/design related. I also love RUGS! & I think the feel of a room can be completely altered with the addition of a rug. Almost every room in my house has one….but it wasn’t always that way. This rug used to live in our loft before it was converted to a playroom. It ended up in the bedroom by default. It had nowhere else to go & it matched. It’s fine. Not my favorite, but I got a killer deal on it & I can’t seem to part with an 8x1o rug that I scored for $100. Just can’t!

But I researched how to lay a rug under a bed for quite some time before I made my final decision about how I was going to do it. Turns out, there is little instruction on the topic. I am not an expert, but I am really happy with how it turned out. The room is DARK, so bear with the pictures. You can see that I placed it centered under the bed, the 10 foot side running across the width of the bed. I like it better this way. It stops just before it hits the nightstands & really becomes purposeful–it’s under your feet when you step down.


I think there is plenty of room on the sides to place a king size bed on top too. I am so ready to ditch this bedroom set & get something more “me!” This was me 8 years ago…ha! I think we’re going to need an additional moving truck if we ever move away from the Pottery Barn outlet…because I am totally stocking up before we leave!


adds just enough to beat the beige blah, while still being a serene & relaxing space!

undefined& another random tidbit…I always buy King size bedding for the Queen size bed. Does it look funny? Nah. It works! The bed is high so it needs the extra length to look finished. & it provides enough extra covers so no one wakes up bent out of shape in the morning. Cozy sheets & blankets for all! ;)

Room details:

  • wall color: creek bend by Behr, color matched in Ralph Lauren Paint (RIP)
  • duvet: West Elm
  • pillows: West Elm + Homegoods
  • throw: Target
  • rug: Target
  • curtains: Bombay Co. (sniff, sniff)
  • lamps: Hobby Lobby (need to be updated…I’m over them)
  • art: by yours truly. blogged here. & here.

Ready to go rug shopping?? My new favorite place for rugs of all budgets: Rugs Direct (don’t you just love that chevron?!) Have fun!

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