I need your help, friends!

Okay , I promised I’d take you along on this journey with me and I have come to a crucial point…what ever shall my new business be called??? This is a HUGE decision and I think I am getting there. I have pages of brainstorming and my vision is just coming to me and I am starting to fall in love. Let me take you through my process, and then your part is at the end.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brand and it inspires me: pinkletoes. I love the energy that she creates and I am a part of her PT4P that has provided me with the marketing materials that will make my new business beautiful.

I was most inspired by the design that Marina created on this blog, and I especially love the logo next to my name at the bottom of each post. So I started writing words, words and more words. I rearranged words. I found that I am MOST productive brainstorming on the treadmill (which makes the recording them down part challenging-picture that!) And I found a name that stuck. Then, (again on that stupid treadmill-who needs an ipod!) I built on the name and began to visualize what I want the “feel” of my business to be. So here are some of my thoughts out loud. (your part still at the end!)

  • want something in the name that clearly is the reason for the coordinating logo, watermark & theme, including a coordinating tag line
  • want a couple of words in the name that clearly define me as someone who “styles homes”
  • want a theme that is lively, provokes interest, unique & makes me approachable
  • want to stay faaaaar away from the stuffy & serious design/decor companies that are intimidating so I create the feeling that “I am just one of you, who happens to have a knack for this & let’s have fun together making this space work” as opposed to “I am the expert tell me a little about what you like and I’ll do everything.”
  • I envision a leave behind (there’s the drug rep in me speaking!) that is a bowl or vase full of berries, with a thank you, reminder of my brand & referral cards etc.

So what I need from you is your opinion. I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t want your honesty. I know you can’t see the “brand” like I can, but tell me what this name says to you. If you saw a business card with it on there, would you want to call me? What do you think of? BE HONEST. Got an idea to make it better? I want that too! Collaborate with me! …off to the treadmill for more brainstorming…this start your own business thing is GREAT for my health!


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