mama the night owl | how to survive

Ok. So if you follow me on facebook, you know that I often update at 2am. I am crazy like that. My brain doesn’t start really going until about 10pm…& my productive (for-mama-only) hours are 10pm-2am. You read that right. That is my very precious chunk of the day when everyone is sleeping & I get to do whatever I want. But…how? How on earth can I swing a schedule like that & make it work without being a total zombie?? Many of you have asked. So here is how it happens in this house:

  • BABYWISE the munchkin. We started this routine the day she came home from the hospital. The girl is like clockwork. She goes down at 7pm. She gets up at 830am. She still takes a 1.5ish hour nap in the afternoon. If I got her up earlier in the morning, she’d nap longer, but I would rather have her sleep in (’cause I do too). What is more precious than a sleeping babe? ::sigh:: newborns were so easy. (ps. this was taken on the 30D…over a year ago…)

  • MAKE LATTES AT HOME. Huh? Were you around for my how-to post? If not…learn how to make a latte here. You will never go back to drip & you will have ALL the joy of starbucks…3 minutes after you step in your kitchen. Ah…my morning bliss!

  • USE THAT PRECIOUS {NITE}TIME WISELY. How do I do all the creative stuff + be organized? I plan & execute it at night. I make notes in evernote to keep my creative projects organized & thus, be more efficient. I meal plan, then make my grocery list (and errand lists) in Grocery IQ. I get my day set in iCal & plan the week’s errands around the playdates & obligations so I am not running all over town. I never go to bed with a dirty house. Counters wiped. Toys in their proper [hidden] place. I wake up to a clean & tidy house. Which I LOVE [and require for sanity]. Then…the next morning…I have plenty of energy for this ball of sass!

But I sure would love to be a morning person. My husband definitely is. Are you? Have you been forced to be since motherhood? How have you adjusted? I know that early school days are [sniff, sniff] right around the corner & that is going to hit me like a Mack truck. :[

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