Maternity Fashion | & how not to shop the maternity department

Sometimes…I feel like retailers have it out for preggos. I mean…all the clothes are (a) tents or (b) so expensive it makes me cringe. Why, oh why, would I ever want to spend over $50 on a piece of clothing that I will only wear for what–six months?! Tack on how expensive nursing bras are and well…we haven’t even started about the baby. Pregnancy is no small expense!

Last time around I was still enjoying the novelty of maternity clothes. I wanted to wear them because I WAS PREGNANT. Wahoo! This time around…I refuse to buy anything maternity. Even though I am a completely different size & shape as I was last time, with different challenges and exactly 6 months off season. It’s make-it-work time. Yes, Tim Gunn, it is. ;)

So…I thought maybe it’d be a good idea to show you how I am managing to make a non-maternity wardrobe work for a very pregnant (albeit pretty much all belly) gal. It hasn’t been that hard. My biggest challenge has been that I am having some vein issues and I absolutely HAVE to wear tights from morning to night. You think maternity pants were tough to keep up on your hips without tights? Add spandex to the equation & pants are pretty much out of the question right now. Good thing I like leggings & boots. ;)

When I got pregnant, I was about 15 lbs less than I was when I started my last pregnancy. & Right now, at 34 weeks–I am sitting a good 20 lbs under what I was the last time I delivered–but somehow WAY more uncomfortable–go figure! For those of you who may have missed it, here’s my baby weight story: 33 days | Losing the weight, BABY!

The Start: 6 weeks

  • non maternity dress by BCBG Max Azria (Marshalls)

Stripe Obsessed:

  • non-maternity top, juniors department, complete with ruching…ha! (Marshalls)
  • scarf (Steinmart)
  • maternity pants– skinny cropped jeans, dark wash, demi panel (Gap Maternity, $20 on sale!)
  • flats: Franco Sarto (Nordstrom Rack)

Staying Cozy:

  • non-maternity sweater: Kenar (Marshalls)
  • long maternity top (Gap Maternity)
  • non-maternity leggings (Marshalls)
  • boot socks (Target)
  • boots (Steve Madden Intyce) I’ve been living in them!

All Dressed Up:

  • non-maternity dress by Maggy London (TJ Maxx)
  • double skinny belt (Target)
  • non-maternity tights by Assets –same designer as Spanx, half the price. I can still wear the regular tights while pregnant (Target)
  • boots (Via Spiga)


  • maternity sweater from last pregnancy (Motherhood)
  • dress by Calvin Klein (Costco)
  • belt by Steve Madden (TJ Maxx)
  • non maternity leggings (TJ Maxx)

Weekend Casual:

  • stripy maternity top (Gap Maternity)
  • hoodie by Lucky Jeans (Costco)
  • last pregnancy’s splurge: Paige Premium Denim Maternity Jeans (most uncomfortable jeans on the planet)
  • flats by Me Too (Nordstrom)

Cozy & Warm:

Warm & Put Together:

So there’s a peek at my make-it-work maternity wardrobe! There are a couple of things not pictured that I could not live without right now:

  • Assets Lucky Leggings: NOT leggings–definitely tights, but footless & no seam down the belly. The smallest size is a little big on me–I wish they were tighter–but that’s because of my vein issues.
  • Tanks by Miss Juli, found at ROSS–I never shop there, except for these fabulous $5 tanks. I wear them well beyond pregnancy. I haven’t found ANY better! I wear them daily.
  • Long, tight dresses by Rue 21–I’ve only found them at Marshalls but they are my FAVORITE dresses to wear under a sweater right now! I pair them with leggings/tights & boots + a sweater & they are super cute. & nice & tight. I think tight is cuter than baggy when you have a big bump. :) Why hide it?

& If I could give you TWO pieces of maternity clothing advice they would be: (1) NIP/BELT/TIE THE WAIST & (2) KEEP IT TIGHT UNDER THE BELLY. These two things help you avoid the “I’m wearing a tent” problem! :)

I think that’s it! What was your wear-every-day item during pregnancy? Did you throw it away after you delivered because you were so sick of it?! Haha…I am soooo donating everything maternity in February! ;)

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