oh. that face.

Eh. Don’t let that look fool ya. 95% of the time is is given on command or to elicit a smile from one of her parents. Only in the last couple of days has this “stink face” been used in the appropriate context. :) I am sure it will be a lovely part of a very spirited childhood.

I am working on the diaper bag post. Ran out of juice tonight. But…

I ran across this quote & it made me think of what we are dealing with as parents right now. Little Miss Sass has been a very different child for me & her “dadeeeee.” We were talking about the differences in our parenting & how my raised voice doesn’t ever give me the response I am looking for when I use it with caroline. She never does to him what she does to me. So I watched. He always gets her to do what he wants. He never raises his voice. He is MUCH more patient. But she follows his directions almost all of the time.

& then we talked. My husband made the point that he never wants to yell at our daughter. He never wants her to feel like it is okay to be treated that way. No one else should feel like it is okay to treat her that way either. & if we create our normal, and yelling is a part of our normal, I am certain that my child will take it with her the rest of her life as normal. Then she will choose how she wants to treat her children. We are making the choice to be respectful. Firm, but respectful. As hard as it is not to raise my voice, a little more patience & consistent direction is actually working. Imagine that.

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