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Whew. The debates are over and I am ready for election day to be over too. I have been following politics closer than ever recently, trying to best educate myself so I can make the right decision for my family when I go vote. I feel like it’s been so heavy, all these critical topics and the world of social media has done nothing but further ignite the war between the two parties, which really makes me sad. We are one nation, and we all have different opinions. That does not make any of us bad people, and I love nothing more than trying to genuinely understand why others feel the way they do. I love a hearty, educated conversation on politics. I just haven’t found many people to have it with.

On a lighter note, did you see Parks & Rec last week where Tom was court ordered to have a week of “no screen” time? I was laughing through the whole thing. But what I really appreciated was the summation–that we turn to technology when things in our real life seem lackluster. I could not agree more. Since substantially cutting out facebook, my life has become the opposite of lackluster. I’ll pop online to catch up here & there, but It’s not the habit it used to be. Most of the time I don’t even turn on my computer (the only place I let myself log into facebook) until after my babies are asleep. It’s freeing. It really is. & leaves me time to do the things I enjoy, like getting creative with my hands. Example: lunches! Somehow, my dreaded task of lunch making is a little less terrible now that I have a new approach with PlanetBox. SO, as promised, here are another couple week’s worth of lunches to inspire you! Read these clockwise, and the lunch contents start with the long horizontal space in each tray.

  1.  strawberries + turkey/mustard/cheese slider + granola + grapes + fruit leather + a pumpkin donut for dessert
  2. celery/pb/raisins + hummus & crackers + swiss & crackers + trail mix + oatmeal cookie for dessert
  3. clementines + ham/mustard/havarti sandwich + carrots & ranch + trail mix + a pumpkin donut for dessert
  4. strawberries + greek yogurt + granola (for on yogurt) + pumpkin cake for dessert + ham & cream cheese rollups + chocolate chips (requested)

  1. apples + chicken quesadilla + trail mix + dried mango + grapes + clif organic fruit rope for dessert
  2. ham/mustard/havarti mini sandwiches + greek yogurt + granola + clementines + clif organic fruit rope for dessert
  3. apples + ham/mustard/havarti sandwich + grape & watermelon kebobs + swiss & Mary’s crackers + chocolate chips
  4. turkey & ranch cream cheese rollups + hummus & crackers + string cheese + trail mix + grapes + peppermint dipped pretzel for dessert

  1. clementines + turkey/mustard/havarti sandwich + babybel cheese & crackers + apples + clif organic fruit rope for dessert
  2. clementines + mini turkey sandwiches + babybel cheese + trail mix + apples + clif organic fruit rope for dessert
  3. clementines + pizza ball leftovers + hummus & crackers + trail mix + chocolate chip muffin for dessert
  4. clementines (clearly I have a plethora right now!) + greek yogurt + pumpkin granola (for on yogurt) + pb & jam pancake sandwiches + chocolate chips for dessert

Whew! There you have it! This is three weeks worth of lunches (since my girl only goes to school part time) and yes, she does eat everything on the tray. She doesn’t always finish during the allotted time (she eats the rest on the way home so she can have her dessert–which she always saves!) but it is finished each day! She’s such a good eater!

Favorite things to pack in lunches? Blog links for inspiration? Please share! I am always looking for new ideas. :)

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