Lunches With Love [PlanetBox]

The dreaded household chore. Do you have one? I have two. The dishwasher and packing lunches. I hate them both. Like…procrastinate until the dishes are so high they have no where to go…and it’s midnight and well…hubby’s gotta have lunch so I guess I’ll HAVE to do something about it…blah.

I have not yet found a way to make emptying the dishwasher fun, but I have recently changed my attitude on packing lunches. I had seen a few blog posts floating about the web raving about the PlanetBox and while I thought that it looked neat, the price tag scared me a bit. $60 for a lunchbox? I’d have to be off my rocker to spend that. Buuuuut…I did. And it has made one of my most hated chores fun again. & because of that, I will say that it is worth EVERY PENNY. Aaaand she’s going to carry it until she goes to college. ;)

If you haven’t seen the PlanetBox, it looks like this. There is a kid version and a larger adult version. It is pretty much a stainless steel tray with a lid that snaps shut. Why do I love it? because there is only ONE PIECE TO CLEAN. See, it even helps my pesky dishwasher problem. Bonus! No baggies. No lids and containers to clean and lose. Just one tray. Ahhh. Genius. I also love that at one glance, my girl can see every single thing I packed for lunch–eating whatever looks most appealing first. My sweet girl never eats the dessert until last, and it often comes home because she “wan out of time!” :)

The grooved boxes fit a perfect assortment of foods. The little dessert spot is prominent but tiny, highlighting dessert but not encouraging you to pack a lot of it. There are two little leakproof containers that come with it–one for dipping sauces and another for yogurt, applesauce etc. A milk or water (we use camelbaks) fits nicely in its own pocket in the front of the carry case. I just love the thing. & caroline does too. But her favorite part are the magnets that she puts on and takes off before & after we wash it.

So after getting some really positive feedback on both facebook & instagram, I thought I’d bring it here & help inspire some creative lunch packing. I figure I’ll post some pictures when I have a collection of interesting lunch ideas to share. Maybe every couple of weeks? We’ll see. But here’s my first installment! Food details below:

We’ll go clockwise, starting with the upper left lunch:

  1. apples, celery w/ peanut butter & raisins, cheese & crackers, PB&J (sandwich cutter by tovolo, found at homegoods), & a kiss
  2. cheese, dried mangoes, pb&j hearts, apples & grapes, hummus & Mary’s crackers (costco), & a kiss
  3. pb&j, cheese, celery w/ peanut butter & raisins, watermelon stars, applesauce (actually everett’s baby food!) & chocolate chips
  4. watermelon stars, Mary’s crackers + justin’s hazelnut butter sandwiches, turkey & cheese hearts, kefir yogurt ranch & carrot sticks, & an organic clif fruit rope

Your turn to inspire! What is your favorite lunchbox item to pack?? I’m always looking for great ideas!

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