Project New House Bedroom

So, for those of you that are avid readers, you know that I have a little bit of bedroom ADD. My master has been redone three times in the past two years, and well…its going to be redone again for our new place. The cats have annihilated the duvet, and though there is no print to get sick of (like last time) I am sick of the color. I’m going for a more muted color scheme in the new place and want the bedroom to be a place of serenity, not loud colors.

I first got my inspiration from bedding. I inadvertently ripped out the same picture (left) from magazines on three separate occasions and when I found three of the same picture in my decorating file, I thought it must have been a sign. I had a gift card from work just burning a hole in my pocket and thought-it’s now or never! So, Crate & Barrel’s Aubrey Bedding is somewhere on its way to my house.

This is the same Peter Kuttner art that is on the walls above, just one of the pair of prints. I couldn’t believe that C&B is trying to sell the prints for $169 each!!! Granted they are framed, but I am opting to use a frame & mat I already have that will work perfect for this print, and found it for $31. Nice! This is the building block for my color scheme.
Now for colors…I love the color I have now, Ralph Lauren’s Master Room, so much so that I am going to use it in the loft living area upstairs in my new home. But, I want something different in the bedroom. Now, an admission, I am a [gasp]viewer of The Hills and am a huge fan of the decorator that chose the colors for the girls’ apartment. I caught my first glimpse of Audrina’s bedroom last week and was very impressed at how well the dark wood contrasted against the charcoal-ish walls. I wouldn’t have never thought these two colors would look so good together. But, design is all about stealing and recreating what you like, so off I go! The walls in the display picture with the bedding are actually wallpapered and I am not a fan of light walls, so I am pretty sure that my wall color will be something like this. It does look very different depending on the light though, so it is going to be tricky to find just the right hue. The pictures below are from the same room…see how different it looks depending on the lighting!!! I have quite a challenge on my hands…

After a couple of days of studying it in daylight & night light I am liking Ralph Lauren’s Spun Twilight, of the Vintage Masters Collection.

*our master is upstairs, so this will blend with the bathroom color scheme that is the third picture on the next post..nice, right???

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