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As I sat here to blog this, my hubby came up behind me & was looking at my story board of girl stuff and stuck up his nose:

“THAT is what you are doing for a girl” he barked? “HOT pink?!?”

“Umm, yes dear, and you never showed any interest and I’ve been talking about it for weeks so I figured if you cared, you’d have spoken up” I said.

“I didn’t know it would be so OBNOXIOUS…what does the boy’s room look like again?” [pulling up blog w/ inspiration pics that I have been talking about since before the baby was even conceived] “YELLOW stripes? NO son of mine will have a yellow bedroom, that is SO girly. How about RED. Red with a big N on one wall. Yep, Black, White and Red. I should be a designer.” he demanded.

“Umm, like a Nebraska Huskers N with the team colors? Yeah…that’s just not going to happen in this lifetime, babe.”

So…the plan still stands. My lovely husband doesn’t conceptualize stuff like I do and vetoes everything until I go ahead do it, and then says he likes it just fine. So, I assure you–this will be one of those occasions!

So, a couple of weeks ago I blogged about my plan for a boy’s room and after plenty of follow up questions, I am finally ready to share my plan for a little girl’s room! It has been slooooowly coming to me in dreams & using little inspirations here & there but I think I have it (mostly) figured out. Here’s the storyboard, with my explanations below…

girl-nursery-copyOkay, so you can figure out from above that like most of my rooms, there will be a focal point wall. This wall will be white, stenciled with black damask. To add some color to this wall, I will design the wall so every so often one of the floral damask clusters is the magenta color that will cover the other walls. The magenta color is on the redder pink side, NOT a bubble-gum pink tone. Right now I am leaning towards Benjamin Moore’s Rouge, but it will need to go through extensive testing to be the final pick. Pinks are very hard! On the wall with the pattern will be the crib, ours is the black one above, which will pop strongly off the wall. The furniture is all the same as described in the boy’s room post, all white to cover much of the pink & tone it down.

The bedding will be all white and likely customized with pink piping/stripes as shown above (this is discontinued pottery barn). The curtains shown above are actually three panels sewn together to make up each one, with eyelet panels on the outside & solid black in the middle. I have blackout fabric to sew behind them, to make it nice & dark. I like the idea of pulling it back with white ribbon, but I am not usually one to pull back curtains, I like them to hang straight, so we’ll see! I have two white drum shades with black piping top & bottom (a homegoods score!!) that will be dressed up with a little pink and put on black lamp stands. If I can get away without a fan up there, I plan to do a black chandelier in the middle of the room. The other piece I haven’t mentioned is a rocker, likely white, that will be positioned in front of the window, almost the same as above. I will accent here & there with lime green.

So, there’s my grand plan! Much will change by the time I actually complete it, as do most of my creative projects since I tend to continue to gather information as time passes to perfect my plan. But, I am very excited for both designs & either way I will be eager to complete the room for this little kiddo!

[*curtain photo by Jessica Claire. Check her out, she’s wonderfully talented!]

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