this much [16 mos] | Personal Project

My husband & I are total bookworms. We were both honors students & had running GPA competitions all through college. I am very proud of graduating Magna Cum Laude, because I worked very, very hard in college…both in school and at my job. I loved school. I always have. My education at Saint Mary’s College (of CA) set such an amazing framework for my success and I hope I can pass my love of reading, writing & education on to my babies. I will do everything I can to help them love learning.

I have been reading to caroline since we brought her home from the hospital. I know it may sound crazy, but our bedtime routine from the very beginning, involved reading. In the last couple of weeks her love of books has become very evident. They are scattered all over my house, my car & tucked in every single corner I can turn around here. She has learned, very quickly, that if she comes and grabs my finger & says “ree ree ree” then heads towards a book, I will never say no. She knows just how to get my attention. These days, she has a very obvious favorite & we read it (sometimes unenthusiastically) about 20 times a day. I am not sure how she finds the energy to get so excited when we turn to this very last page EVERY SINGLE TIME but her little legs kick & she squeals with joy. All her babies are “home” at the end. & that clearly, makes her a very happy girl. :)

This room, my loft, is getting a total overhaul in the next couple of weeks. It is becoming our playroom/reading room & I have visions of big squishy pillows & all of us piled in reading together, but separately, in the very near future. This fluffy rug has set the tone, as several times a day I will find my caroline on her back, book in the air, oohing & aahing over something she is absorbing. Nothing makes me prouder. (Except maybe the fact that she is now asking to go peepee in the potty at least 3x’s a day!!!)

So here we are. Reading Ten Little Ladybugs…ahhhhhhh-gain. :)

How on earth did I get that angle on a self timer, you ask? The bumbo seat has never been more useful. ;)

OK, those of you who are doing this with me, link away! It’s never too late to jump in & join. I have no end date in sight. ;)

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