Time to breathe…


most of the house is now painted.


My worker-bee parents came into town for a week to help me whip this place into shape while my husband, the zombie, is working about 18 hours/day at the hospital or reading! We got A LOT done this week and I am so relieved/thrilled/comforted by the results. I have tried some new colors and patterns outside my usual comfort zone and it is slowly coming together! Since the house is still littered with painting supplies, new light fixtures, tools, boxes & general clutter (my pet peeve!) I took some teaser shots so you can at least see some colors & textures that I am playing with:

[living room, walls=color matched to Gallery Taupe by Behr, in RL Paint]


[living room & kitchen rugs, Panache window panels in Chocolate are from LNT and there are now ten, 95″ panels calling my home, home. inspiration from here]

[reeeaaaally wanted a cozy orange accent wall and I now have one in my living room, just a small one, but it looks perfect! Color=color matched to Earth Tone by Behr in RL paint-and yes, there is a stupid piece of lint on my lens that I didnt see until editing…]

[1/2 bath on the first floor got a beautiful coat of earth tone too…]

[loft, color=cameroon green by RL]

[one wall of the guest room, color=colormatched to Chocolate Curl by Behr in RL paint]

also just noticed I may want to try another angle with my camera…boring! feel like you are turning your head right a lot? I will work on that…

Rooms you didnt see: foyer, laundry, front room that we have no use for yet and the future nursery…or the master. My bedding didnt end up looking right and the hubby is sleeping (boooo to working nights!) so I cant go take a picture of the wall color. Just ordered the Lindsey Paisley Bedding to see how it will work with my Charcoal walls…we’ll see. Dont have high hopes as this “cool” color scheme is what is throwing me off my decorating flow.

This is really my favorite part of the moving process. Organizing, color choosing, decorating…I just cant get enough. I am so blessed at this point of my life to have a brand new home that I got to design top to bottom. I wouldnt be able to afford this anywhere else in the country and am going to enjoy every second of it because as we military folks know, we never stay in one place for too long so this six year stay might be the longest one of our 20+ years of military life.

back to work…

ooh! and today is our 4 year wedding anniversary. I will never forget that magical day. =) Here’s to four years of marriage, and 10+ years of togetherness! might just have to have myself a glass of wine by my lonesome tonight! cheers!

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