Who pays that for JEANS?

I was reminded just which state I am currently living in today at the grand opening of our brand new Costco. (YAY!)

As a lover of designer jeans, I am always in search of a bargain on a great pair of Sevens, Paiges, Hudsons, True Religions…you know, the basic piece of a woman’s wardrobe! You don’t skimp on a basic piece. You just don’t! Back in California, Costco was notorious for getting in an entire pallet of Sevens or other designer jeans and selling out the same day– so if you hit is just right, you had to fight with all the other Danville women for one of the limited five sizes that were offered. So with high hopes, I made arrangements to get to Costco within 45 minutes of its grand opening just in case there was a pallet of my coveted jeans…turns out, if you live in Nebraska, you needn’t hurry to the clothing section of Costco to beat out all the other women looking for the designer jeans.

After feverishly rushing through the ridiculous crowd…I saw the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…an entire pallet of Sevens and oh my gosh! An entire pallet of True Religions on the other side! Woohoo! They had them! As I began digging through the vast selection of styles and washes I noticed something was off…something wasn’t right. I didn’t have to dig. I didn’t have to fight. In fact, I was the only one even remotely paying attention to this sea of “bargain” denim. And yes, absolutely, at $109 a pair, these jeans was a ridiculous bargain…right?!? YES…they are usually at least $200…TRs are $300–BARGAIN!!! Yeah…well…with a plethora of sizes and not a competitor in sight, I calmed down…and began to listen. “Who on earth would pay one hundred dollars for a pair of jeans.” “Well isn’t that ridiculous, look at the price of those.” “Holy moly, why would you buy those when you could have these [holds up a pair of five pocket $39 Gloria Vanderbilt mom jeans] that are just fine.” I stood there thinking (and feeling guilty) don’t hate me because I am not fat and can actually wear these. Don’t judge me because I like nice things. I work hard for my money and love a designer anything! Oh my gosh! Not only do these people not care, but they think I am CRAZY! I was getting stares pacing around the giant pile of perfectly folded jeans. Perfect stacks of 26’s, 27’s, 28’s, 29’s, and 30’s. A complete set. Do I buy one? Two? Which ones? I made my decision. Got to the register, these people wouldn’t quit. The guy rang them through, looked at the $112 total and looked at me with his eyebrows just about touching his receding hairline. “Is this right” he asked me. I smiled. “Those are a bargain,” I said. “WHAAT!” He looked at me like I was nuts. “Those would be at least one hundred dollars more anywhere else.” He shook his head, took my credit card and well, I proudly left the store with my bargain designer jeans.

I returned five hours later for another pair for myself and some sevens for my husband too. The piles were still untouched.

Hopefully, we will get them again. But, I am not holding my breath. Nebraska just might not be the place.

My new A Pockets! SCORE!

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