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Channeling my inner painter.

I studied art in college. Mostly of the painting variety and haven’t picked up a paint brush in five years. I used to LOVE it. I took such comfort in it and it has been missing in my life. My favorite memory of college were my senior year tuesday/thursday’s. I had the best yoga classe, in the most beautiful studio I have ever practiced in, and that was followed with my favorite art class where my mind went wild for the next two hours painting away. I miss that…and today I got a little of it back!

I have been searching high & low for the right art for my master bedroom. My bedroom is kind of a new chapter for me. Talk to any designer and they will tell you their biggest challenge is their own home. There is something about the committment & definition about what you keep close to you that is scary when your work is so closely intertwined with your own space. My style has changed SO much and I am not in a position to up & gut my whole house so my bedroom has been this little decention from pottery barn and I have embraced the west elm in me, which is what I have been naturally gravitating towards lately.

So, I grabbed my painting brain & got to work. I have a feeling this will be a three day project to get it just right, but this is what I have so far. Not nearly done, but getting there. You can see the building blocks…I am already in love with it.

[I spray painted the edges of the canvases (still left over from college & moved three times!) because I plan to hang them w/o a frame. I layered & modge podged nubby&natural raw craft paper until the background was solid. I made my own circle stamp out of some random materials I re-purposed at michaels, since I couldn’t find circle stamps anywhere. I used all metallic paint & will be washing the whole canvas in the left over ralph lauren candlelight paint to add sheen. I will also be adding detail & a touch of color to every single circle.]

[it’s much prettier in person! looks so harsh here!]

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