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DIY No Sew Burlap Bedskirt

So…I have a sewing machine. But I’ll find any way NOT to use it. I just do not love to sew! I sure wish I did…but my glue gun is my go-to gadget! It’s fast…it’s efficient…it’s low maintenance. Just how I like things. The only problem? You can’t really wash what you glue. But who really washes bedskirts all that often? Not me! This was the perfect project to tackle sans sewing machine!

I am in love with all things burlap this year. & the rest of this city must be too, because it took me four stores to locate a very basic color burlap for this project! I wound up getting it dirt cheap–this entire bedskirt was under $15, probably less. I don’t remember exactly. But burlap is CHEAP! & looks excellent with white or ivory linens. Casual comfort. So here’s how I took a simple piece of burlap & turned it into a preppy, affordable, low maintenance bed skirt for my guest bed/day bed project.

My inspiration for the bedskirt was a total accident. I had a short little remnant of burlap from another project that I stuck under the ruched duvet I made just to see what it looked like. The way it was rolled on the bolt at the store creased it & made it look like it had a little stripe near the bottom. I LOVED how it looked…I could so do that with a scissors & glue. & I was determined to make it happen. Here’s the piece that inspired me:

I measured my piece of burlap to the right drop length for my box spring, & added a few inches so I could cut a stripe out of the same length.

I hot glued what would be the bottom of the bedskirt first, simply folding it over about an inch, ironing it & hot gluing it into place. You can see it on the left below. It looks like a finished edge.

My very precise way of measuring the accent stripe…was an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, folded in half–hot dog style.

I simply moved it down the burlap & was able to cut a pretty darn straight line that way. Super easy.

Once the accent stripe was cut, I refolded my sheet of paper into thirds, and laid it out along the paper.

I continued to do this down the whole length of the bedskirt. I added a vertical strip of glue every so often, along with horizontal strips, to adhere the accent stripe to the main skirt.

*BIG TIP: Once you squirt the hot glue on the burlap wait a couple of seconds before pressing it down into place. The glue will harden just a bit, keeping it from seeping through the burlap. This trick kept the glue from showing on the finished side of the accent stripe.

Once my stripe was secured into place, it was time to secure it to the boxspring! My hubby’s giant books sure came in handy. I am sure he’s glad I am getting their money’s worth out of them too…

I propped the mattress up & used industrial strength sticky backed velcro to attach strips of velcro to both the bedskirt AND the box spring. You can see them in the corner, in an L shape. I did this up & down the box spring, then attached the velcro to the bedskirt so it hit at the right length.

To create the corner pleat, I simply folded the burlap over itself, temporarily pinned, then hot glued it nice & secure into place.

I did end up fraying the edges of the accent stripe just a bit, so it had more texture. You can literally just rip the strands of burlap until you get the desired look. The edges will fray pretty evenly.

Pretty darn easy.

I really love how it turned out…

& as you saw yesterday in the DIY Chevron Pillow tutorial…it perfectly accents my comfy, natural, cozy daybed!

I love this room!! I’m so having our next family photo in this space…it has such beautiful light!

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  • Amy Renea - I adore this one Shawna!! Lovely!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole C. - this is just what I was looking for to transform my master bed. I do have a question for you. Did you use the finished end for the bottom of the skirt or the cut end?ReplyCancel

  • Nicole C. - Never mind…I need to read more carefully! Thanks again for the post. Off to the fabric store now!ReplyCancel

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    • -shawna- - i know what you mean, and it certainly doesn’t now! It definitely needs to air out, but there it no smell left over. :)ReplyCancel

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