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Flushable Liners + Cloth Diapers = Not Gross!! | A Demonstration of Disposal

You asked for it. So here it is. I am not embedding it here, so you don’t accidentally get an eye-full of a #2 diaper. So….

To see exactly what a #2 diaper looks like, CLICK HERE.

It sounds like a lot of you had a misconception, much like I did, as to what actually goes in your wash machine.  Below is a screen shot from the video. What you are looking at is what is left over after I flushed the solids from a hefty #2 diaper, without ever touching it. Simple dump. Flush. That’s all it took.

Not so bad, right??!? Nahhhh. You could totally do it.

I almost forgot…my intention was to do a “best case” and a “worst case” scenario video. Well, after waiting every day since I posted the original video for a “worst case” diaper, I never got one. And I really didn’t want to try to get one. So, just FYI, every so often the liner gets bunched up & some solids miss & overflow onto the diaper. If you wipe the diaper with some toilet paper, the solids will come loose & you can flush them. Then, you can throw the diaper, no matter how messy, right in the wash. I would say this happens no more than once per week. You just have to learn how to properly place the liner (trial & error) and that should solve any early problems “missing” the liner.

Also, before my daughter started on solids, I did not use liners. She was exclusively breastfeeding, so we had pudding-like diapers, and every single bit of it went in the wash machine. The prewash rinsed the waste away. Diapers came out perfectly white!

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  • Chelsea McCown - Great post, Shawna!!

    We’ve started solids, but are still having pretty big (every other day) pudding soilds, but the liners catch most of it, and I just wipe the rest in the toilet with toilet paper! **Oh, and FYI, the liner does stick to little boys too, haha, I use a cloth wipe to pull it back!

    Thanks for educating the world on the wonders of CDing!ReplyCancel

  • Zobeida - What brand and where do you get the flushable liners that you use?ReplyCancel

  • -shawna- - @Zobedia–I use these but only because they were the first I bought & have still not run out, 8 mos later! I cut them into thirds. They will soon be too short though, so I will be trying some new brands.ReplyCancel

  • helen - thanks for your posts on cloth diapering–very helpful! i just made the switch to fuzzibunz fitted for my 8 month old. he’s still breastfed with limited solids, so no cause for liners yet. my issue is that there is residual poop in the cinched leg areas on both sides. i do a cold rinse followed by a hot wash/cold rinse. any tips?ReplyCancel

  • -shawna- - @helen–I ran into that problem too, when my daughter still had pudding-ish dirty diapers. I simply loosened the elastic on one side & washed as usual, which always took care of the problem. My wash regimen: cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse. :)ReplyCancel

  • Isabel - I know this is late but I just stumbled on your blog (which is fabulous btw!). We tried the liners but it gave my baby a bad diaper rash… go figure! She wore cloth since the day she entered the world so I guess it’s a good thing we never tried disposable. I guess she just has sensitive skin?ReplyCancel

  • Stacie - Shawna, thanks so much for all of your inspiring posts! I have been cloth diapering my daughter for awhile now, and it’s going great. However, we are starting solids (today actually) and I can not figure out how the liners will work on the go. What is your system for using the liners while you are out and about? What do you do with them when you’re not by a bathroom?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I leave them in the diaper & dump it all at home if there is no potty nearby. :)ReplyCancel

  • Daryl Ann - Hey Shawn

    I was just wondering if you had switched brands of disposable liners now that you have Everett, our Dr gave us the go a head to start our son on solids and I’m having trouble finding liners with good reviews. I’d love to know what worked best for Everett before I spend a lot of money buying different brands. Thank you for your helpReplyCancel

  • Marion - Lol Shawna! I think it’s great that you have done a video for this. You should have seen my husbands face the first time he had to deal with a MCN and a pooey liner, priceless, but he too is now used to it ;) MarionReplyCancel

  • Irina Johnson - Very informative post. Thanks for sharing this useful articleReplyCancel

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