tax returns are beautiful.

I must say, starting my own business came with a nice little perk…a hefty tax return. One of the things we decided to do with part of ours this year was invest in our backyard, a place we never used. Since landscaping & planting, we seem to be out there on a daily basis. Mosquito bites & all. My ankles aren’t a pretty sight, but I enjoy my blooming plants every single day. I planted 57 shrubs & plants (not including my garden) and had one ton of rock laid. Three cubic yards of mulch cover the ground. Miracle Grow + SuperThrive are keeping things blooming. Here’s a peek at a few of the plants I chose, that promise to thrive in South Texas.

[Finally got my hands on my very favorite flowers, hydrangeas–looking forward to playing with the soil acidity to change them from blue to pink to crimson…!]

[leg-gier than confederate, this is growing up trellises on my fence]

[everybody loves constantly blooming, hot pink roses. this picture shows all four stages…]

[picked up for $3 each at the BXtra, these haven’t stopped blooming since I brought them home! The color is beautiful.]

[fell in love with this after discovering it growing all over the historic King Williams District. I’ve got it growing up my pillar out front & hope to have it covering my back porch rails soon.]

[these popped up in my mulch after the last big storm, even though they aren’t supposed to be there, I think they are kind of pretty.]

[I wanted to form a screen for privacy & nothing grows quite as fast & big as bamboo. Made sure to get the clumping kind, so it doesn’t get out of control. Our backyard should be hidden in no time, with four of these bad boys!]

[My azaleas are not blooming anymore, but I have 8 of them in hot pink & salmon to beautify the perimeter & add privacy. I also have several other varieties of plants growing, and plan to add more as I learn more about fall bloomers, so it’s always beautiful outside.]

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