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Paninis | Quick summer meals

Ahh. Summer. We just returned from an awesome trip back to my home, the San Francisco Bay and I have not yet had the will to pull my kids off California time. Getting up at 9:30 just seems right!? (Going to bed at 9:30 is another story…) But, gosh, what a fun time we had. I brought my fancy camera to the beach in Half Moon Bay & ah. What a sight. :)

I spent nine days rediscovering my home through the eyes of my own children. It was so fun. Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sea Lions at Pier 39. Philz Coffee. Parks, parks & more parks. Caroline pretty much refused shoes the whole trip. With the absence of Texas fire ants, she insisted on being just like “wapunzel” and so barefoot she was. This was the kids’ first time to the ocean and despite the frigid temps, I could hardly get caroline to leave. She just LOVED having sandy toes. Everett on the other hand, ha. Well, this is the one and only place where he stood absolutely still. I think I need a sandbox in my living room. Just so I can cook dinner.

I handed my fancy camera over to my brother. What a treasure. There’s just somethin’ about little boys…

But now I am back. Back to the norm. Later wake ups mean later bedtimes & this midnight oil I’ve found myself burning has been really good. I am knee deep into that site redesign I promised & I am excited. I feel a bit paralyzed by my current site. I’m frankly, sick of looking at it. It doesn’t feel like “me” anymore. Thankfully, that is going to change very soon. BUT…after asking for some feedback on the styleberry facebook page, I was inspired. Many of you said you didn’t care what it looked like here, you just wanted something new to read. So NEW it is!

I am over on The Creative Mama today professing my love of all things Panini & sharing how I make our fave “brinner,” pictured below. But I also wanted to give you ALL my favorite panini recipes, since they are a huge part of my summer staple menu. Light, easy & pretty quick if you take some short cuts. So head on over there for the scoop on my panini press & how I keep the kids involved in the process & then head back for my favorite SIMPLE concoctions all shared here.

So here they are, all my Panini recipes. Of course, better quality ingredients will make a better sandwich & I buy the best I can afford. I use fresh cheeses, veggies, bread and organic meats. These also make great lunches for the hubby to take to work if you make extra. Enjoy!


  • bread: sourdough
  • inside: eggs + cheese + bacon
  • served with: fruit, hash browns & OJ


  • bread: sourdough
  • inside: pastrami + havarti
  • served with: honey+mustard dipping sauce, sweet potato fries


  • bread: sourdough
  • spread (inside, on the bread): mayo + 5ish chopped garlic cloves
  • inside: rotisserie chicken + bacon + avocado
  • served with: fries or chips or a salad


  • bread: ciabiatta
  • spread (inside, on the bread): 1/2 c mayo + 1 TBSP sour cream + 3 TBSP pesto
  • inside: chicken (I marinate overnight with my favorite balsamic, then grill first) + sliced red onion + mozzarella ( & if you wish, + tomato + greens)
  • served with: salad


  • bread: sourdough
  • spread (inside, on the bread): 6TBSP mayo + 1/2 c blue cheese
  • inside: chicken (I broil chicken tenders, 6m each side on a broiler pan) coated in buffalo sauce to taste
  • served with: onion rings + salad


  • bread: wheat/multigrain
  • spread (inside, on the bread): 1 avocado + 2 TBSP lime juice + 1-2 TBSP chopped, pickled jalapenos
  • inside: rotisserie chicken + bacon + tomato
  • served with: fries + salad


I hope this gives you some good summer dinner ideas! These make up a huge chunk of our summer eats. Light, easy, quick. Yum, yum. Many of you keep asking what I make for my kids and the answer is really simple: exactly what I make for me. They eat all the sandwiches above. I just lighten up on the jalapeños on the SW Turkey panini & take it easy on the sauce for the Buffalo Chicken, but they gobble them right up with us. I am a firm believer in NOT cooking separate meals for children. Why not expose them to a rich variety of flavors? :) Plus, less work for mama. Win, WIN!

I hope you summer is off to a great start! :)

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  • kristin - Is the styleberry facebook page still going? when I click the link it just shows me back to your blog?? I would love to know how its going with your boy now that he is a bit older. Has the sleeping finally gotten better and juggling two? I ask because I am knee deep in life with a 3 month old and 3 year old and its…hard.ReplyCancel

  • lindsay - THANK YOU so much for posting this! this was one of my FB suggestions for you yesterday :) Love your SF pics, so beautiful. Miss seeing those babes in your IG feed, but understand why. Can’t wait for your blog redesign, I’m sure it will be beautiful and inspiring and it will be just the lift we need during our hard mommy days :) thank you for taking the time to share all your creative recipes for us :)ReplyCancel

  • angie - Mmmmm! Thanks for posting these yummy recipes. I look forward to your re-design, but agree with the others.. more excited about NEW content. You inspire me!ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Question about the tomato quinoa soup: I don’t see you mention quinoa in the recipe. Do you add cooked, like you mentioned with the jasmine rice? Thanks! LOVE the new site!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Um…3rd time this week paninis have made an appearance in the Willis household, at one meal or another! Thanks for the great reminder to dig out the panini press!!ReplyCancel

  • Anna - I am with Kristin, Is the Styleberry FB page still going? When I click on the link it just takes me to the overall homepage of FB and when I search for Styleberry, it does not show up either.ReplyCancel

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