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Project 52 | FORTY FIVE

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Wow. What an ugly week. I’m just disgusted by social media right now.

We had a big decision to make on Tuesday. A really big decision. And it did not go the way I’d hoped. I couldn’t sleep on Tuesday night and some of it had to do with the election. A lot of it. But some of it had to do with how disgusted I am at the venom spewed all over the media. Social and elsewhere. I am just disgusted. I do not debate politics on the Internet, but I am not afraid to share that I am a republican.  I read a lot (on both sides of the political spectrum) and make my decisions after asking questions, talking through things and trying to best understand what is going on, beyond the spin. I make decisions based on my values and how policies are going to affect me and my family. I have that right, living here in this country. But man, it got ugly. I will never feel the same way about some of my friends & facebook friends ever again. As I shared on my personal facebook page, I sincerely hope that the candidate who won, whom I did not vote for, can somehow bring this divided country back together. & God help me teach my two children how to respectfully win and lose and share their opinions. I’d be mortified if either of them acted in the way that seems to be considered “acceptable” right now.

This was more than a presidential election to me. This was completely ugly show of intolerance for differing opinions and an inability of adults to behave like respectful people. Who knows if I’ll even have a facebook account by the 2016 election, but I sure know I will stick to my same self-imposed rule: keep the discussion of politics off the Internet. Ugly. Just ugly.


& Project 52 is off to a very collaborative start! If you’d like to join in–it’s not too late. Here’s everything you need to know about

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  • Nicole - Very well said, thank you. My feelings toward the election mimic yours exactly, and my stomach turns thinking about our future as a country, both in terms of current and future policy and the absolutely appalling show of ignorance, disrespect and sometimes pure hatred shown by people on both sides. While there are many who respectfully and responsibly make their opinions known, this election has uncovered an ugly side of America that frightens me.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - Well said. That coloring page cracks me up… do you have a southpaw on your hands??ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Raymond - Could not agree more. You are so right about teaching our children how to accept a loss, no matter how upsetting it may be, with dignity.ReplyCancel

  • Jenni - I actually read your facebook comment to my husband as one of the few redeeming comments that showed up in my news feed after the results. I, like you, did hours of reading, listening, and talking with trusted knowledgeable people of all political stripes. I came to a different conclusion than you, but I also did my research.

    I *know* how disappointed I would be if things had turned out differently, and I respect the emotions that my more conservative friends are feeling. But I am not the things that I have been called on facebook (by people I thought were friends) in the past few days. The ugliness really shocked me, too.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren J @ The Barn - I kept thinking the same thing. Since when did politics become a socially acceptable topic of discussion??? I thought that went along with money, religion…and weight :)ReplyCancel

  • Brianna - You took my thoughts right from my head!!! Soooo true! I couldn’t sleep for the exact same two reasons! Awful!ReplyCancel

  • hanna - I agree exactly with what you said and it was very well worded. I am surprised at how intolerent so many people have been and how extremely biased the media is these days.ReplyCancel

  • Katie - Shawna, I am with you completely. I did not vote for our President, and was deeply saddened for this country when he was re-elected. Not because I just want a republican in office, but I want a man that when the times get tough he is down on his knees praying. When things go well, he is down on his knees praising. Our country has swung so far from the God fearing place where we began. I truly believe that everyone should be able to choose their own religion, or lack there of……but I just see a void of faith in most politicians. It’s evident is the decisions that are being made. It just scares me for what is to come. I’ll be spending more of my time praying for our leaders and our country. I don’t think that Mitt would have been the perfect President, or that he would have been able to heal this great partisan divide in our country…..but I know that he would have been praying to the one who can do a miracle.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - I have a firm belief that one must avoid being an obnoxious winner as well as avoid being a sore loser. Reacting with grace and class is such a better alternative than spewing hate-filled vitriol.ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Shawna, I so enjoyed reading your post thank you for this. You eloquently described what so many of us are feeling. It was disappointing , but more so it was disappointing how divided everyone became and I think media in general really cultivated that. Thank you for your post.ReplyCancel

  • Krysta - Amen sister. I was seriously disappointed in how people handled Obama’s win. People need to stop thinking in “Oh yeah, MY side won, take that!” and think more along the lines of “Okay, now how will this person help our country?” Our country is so divided politically and people do not know how to handle themselves, and it’s something that makes me fearful for our future. I agree with Nicole, Tuesday/Wednesday morning made me sick.ReplyCancel

  • Gabi - My best friend and I have very very different political views yet we have been best friends since High school…along time ago we agreed to disagree inorder to keep a friendship….on Tuesday she sent me this quote. “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” The reason our friendship works has to do with respect. I can not change her views and she isn’t going to change mine…it doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it, it simply means that we respect each other enough to know that our friendship is so much more important then politics. It seems that respect flew out the window with the election. I am not against people stating their opinion but I am not going to give someone the time of day that isn’t going to do it respectfully. Social media…and the advertisements (i hate those things and think they should be banned) just truly brought the worst out in people!!!ReplyCancel

  • lindsey - I agree!! But on a side note I actually wanted to commenton your ways of introducing solids. I am nursing my daughter and she is about to turn six months so we are starting solids very soon! I’ve got everything I need to make homemade baby food {I loved your method!}, but I’m a little unsure on how I want to do it with her and everyone I talk to wasn’t a nursing mom and so I know this plays a big part in the way you do it. Please enlighten me with how you did this with your baby!! Nurse first then feed solids or wait 30 mins? One meal or two or three meals a day {makes me nervous on not enough nutrition to do three and also early weaning!} Thanks, would love any advice!!! My email is jlcarter0510@gmail.comReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I was shocked, too. I deactivated my FB account eary oct for that reason. Best thing I did! I teach kindergarten and always have to tell my kids that, “he is our president and you do have to respect and pray for him.” it’s annoying I tell my coworkers the same!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Oh my goodness, I can’t agree more to what you wrote. I had to hide some people from my Facebook feed. It was ugly. I truly believe that if my side would have won, I would not have reacted in the way ‘they’ did. I went to bed so angry on Tuesday night. Upset by the way the election went, but equally upset by comments by friends. Wow. Also, SO glad to find more people my age that follow my views. Let’s hope/pray for a better 2016 election! :)ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Written perfectly! Some of my husband’s family now has rocky relationships over this debate. Why would you ever destroy your family or friendships for your opinions on the president. I think Rommney would have been a better choice, but I wasn’t going to parade around saying so on FB. It is just scary that we have to raise our kids with the kids raised by these adults (the ones that spew venom) because you know that their attitudes and lack of respect to others will be passed down to their children.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I also deactivated my facebook after the election. People are so hateful.. Regardless of who won, it was disturbing. I was already considering getting rid of it because of the immaturity and just being burnt out.. But after all of that, the next day, reading the posts and comments?! Peace out FB.ReplyCancel

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