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Why yes. Yes I did just post a picture of my 8 month pregnant arse on the internet. Lord help me…I must be insane. Or getting really close to it…but this was an accidental shot. It was not what I had in my head. But what happens in my head is often just the start of something more real. I was planning to zoom in on the bow of my apron (I’ll explain more in a bit) & used the vacuum that was next to me as my BBF point for my self timer–with plans to roll it out of the way. But…I didn’t zoom enough & well…aprons, vacuuming, dirty rags & paint brushes are pretty much my life right now. So…the outtake it was. No matter how many times I asked myself if I really wanted my bum…my very pregnant bum…as the start of my Project 52 this year…it was the right way to start.

The last year has been a roller coaster. 2011’s Project 52 was extremely personal. It caught it all. The love of motherhood. The heartbreak of my infertility diagnosis. The joy of a pregnancy. The loss that followed. The decision to let it be. The finding of faith & the gratitude of a subsequent pregnancy. & all the mommy moments inbetween. I will treasure the 2011 project & the voice it gave me forever. A lot happened last year. A lot of tears. A lot of joy. A lot of growing up and getting comfortable in my skin. & embracing the crazy life that is one of a stay at home (work at home) mom.

But what was next? I felt like I had enjoyed the theme to the fullest extent & was ready for something new. Last year’s Project 52 was for me. This year it is for my babies. (BABIES!!!) I brainstormed & mulled over a bunch of ideas and kept coming back to the same one. I started a little tumblr blog last year after inspiration from this blog/book, but deleted it as fast as I put it up because I just couldn’t do another project. But now it’s time. So…this year’s theme is: “I want them to know…”

I want to put together a little book of lessons for my babies. This project is not for anyone but them. I write to them both in their own journals as much as I can (and those will remain private), but I wanted a mixed media project–so they can see what I see and understand the words I write a little better. So each week, my goal is to give them a peek at their childhood from where I stand. & offer up something that I have learned along the way. Some wisdom from mama…if I dare call it that.

So…this week.

I love my job as a SAHM. But I love it because I had a bustling career first. (& kind of still do…) but I run my house like a business. It’s a job I take seriously. There is infinite planning, executing, project management, scheduling, coordinating, budgeting blah blah blah. It’s no joke. & that’s the way I like it. I kind of love it, actually. But I don’t think, as a woman, that I would feel this way had I not had a corporate life before kids. I had my own money. I had my own identity outside of the house. I had bosses & responsibility & successes & failures. I have talked about this before, but rushing into children was not for me (us) and I am so glad that we waited. My hubby & I are about ready to start our (omg) fifteenth year together. No small feat. (especially for someone still under thirty! ha!) I spent half our our post college life as the breadwinner & it was a VERY valuable lesson. I know what it feels like to carry the pressure of supporting my family & it drastically impacts the way we manage our roles as a couple. I wish–for both my daughter (and if I have a son–for his future wife) to experience working outside the home before they choose homemaking as a career. It is a LOVELY career. One I enjoy to the fullest, but one that I think is best enjoyed after a few years working elsewhere.

& I’ll leave you with this article, which inspired my image & I enjoyed immensely: The Apron: The Ultimate Symbol of a Culture of Life. My favorite quote:

Taking the time to fasten the strings of an apron around your waist sends a message (to yourself, as much as to anyone else)…that self-care has not been shoved to the backburner just because you have children.



& now the FUN part! I know there are a lot of you along with me on this journey this year. Some of you are photographers. Some of you are moms. All of you care to document this crazy thing we call LIFE…and are willing to commit to doing it weekly for the next year. If you’re with me, I’ll link you below each of my weekly Friday posts–but you’ve got to link me back & remain actively participating in the project to keep your weekly link. The biggest struggle with having no boss is finding the self motivation to follow through on our commitments–especially those that are personal. A project like this–that documents such a precious time in our hectic lives–is priceless. So who is with me?! If you are, leave me a link to your blog below & I’ll get you up next week. It is NOT too late if you miss week one. It’s never too late. But once you start–keep on ‘a goin! Your babies will thank you!

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