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Off we go! Today begins the first day of my FAQ series. I get asked all kinds of questions…over & over…and half of them I have responded to. The other half…well…please forgive me if you’ve ever sent me a message & never received anything back! I am not the best at promptly replying to emails! :[ There were SO MANY questions that I am breaking them up into a few days worth of nice organized subjects. We’ll start with Cloth Diapering, one of my very favorite things to talk about! If you have further questions that still have not received answers here, or in the comments section of this post, then add a comment below I will reply. :) Don’t be shy!

How did you organize your CDs? 

I kept all of mine in the dresser with the changing pad on top of it. They all were laying flat in a drawer, facing the same direction that I changed her. This way I could easily pull one up, to use one at a time. 

Which scent of RnG detergent you use? & which formula?

I’ve always bought Rage Against the Raspberry in Hard Rock (despite having a water softener.) I notice that there is absolutely zero smell after the diapers have been washed, so I think the scents are more for hype & fun than anything else. You can smell them in the bag, just don’t expect your diapers to smell like anything–and that is a good thing!

How do you store your Rockin’ Green?

In a cereal dispenser! That bag drove me nuts–as my hands were always powdery after I scooped out the detergent. I keep a long handled 1TBSP & 2TBSP measuring spoon in there. I can’t remember where the 1TBSP came from, but the 2TBSP is an espresso scoop from World Market.

Have you bleached your diapers?

I have not bleached the diapers, but I have bleached the inserts a couple of times. It works pretty well!

Have you ever done a soak? How?

Yes. I have soaked them & have to often, now that I am washing so infrequently (once a week-ish). Here is my very well tested perfect method, using LG front loaders:
How do you keep your CD’s looking brand new?

Good detergent is key! But I have also sunned them (as in literally placed them on the ground so the sun could bleach them out) when they looked a little wonky. It worked like a charm!

How long did you use the newborn insert?

I don’t remember–but I am guessing until it leaked!

What is going on with the mess when you don’t use the liners? Before solids?

I exclusively breastfed until 6 months old and because breast milk baby poop is water soluble, I threw the ENTIRE diaper in the wash. No liners. No rinsing. All of it! It was the easiest mess to clean of all!

Where can I get the disposable liners?

Oh, all over. I was never brand loyal. I never found any I loved. Baby Earth had these which I used–I only bought liners twice! (I cut them in 3rds & knew her #2 schedule so well once we started solids, that I could plan ahead & not use them all the time!)

Have you ever had bad problems with repelling with your FB’s? If so, what was your solution?

I have not had repelling issues, but I would advise anyone to (1) check that your detergent is CD safe (2) double check what else is being used in your washer to clean clothes (3) be sure there are no diaper creams/balms being used on the diaper (4) be sure you are not using too much detergent!

Have you ever had a diaper rash issue with FuzziBunz or from Rockin Green, if so what was your remedy?

I am so so so happy to say that my caroline NEVER had a diaper rash during her time in FuzziBunz. There were several times I can recall her looking a little bit red, and when this happened my go-to solution was Aquaphor. I think it’s magic & we use it on everything around here. I would put some on the affected areas then be sure I covered her bum with a liner so none of it touched the diaper, or it would definitely cause a repelling issue. It worked every time. I love this stuff:

Did you use Pullups? How did you transition out of FB & into potty training?

Noooooo pullups. She started this habit of unsnapping the diapers (I put bloomers over them for a week or so) but I was so fed up with it, that we went straight to undies! She was very eager to potty train (both self motivated & very used to the potty, as she’s been sitting on it since her first birthday) and she transitioned beautifully. The first week she had dry diapers at night, but as time went on she did lose her nighttime bladder control. We are still using two FuzziBunz a day: one during her nap (but 95% of the time she is dry) and the second overnight (it is always wet). During the day, she’s in undies!

Next up: Homemade Babyfood/Nursing/Nutrition FAQs! Happy Monday!

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  • Calla - THANK YOU!!! Our lil’ miss is starting to teeth which can lead to diaper rash and I’ve noticed her bum is a little red, I will def. be trying the Aquaphor!ReplyCancel

  • kristin - Thanks! Its good to read your experiences with cloth. I have had great luck with All Free & clear detergent. You’re right about making sure to use a 1/4 of the suggested amount for a normal load. A few times I used more and its starts to build and up the funk factor. I also line dry out in the sunshine and mine always smell so nice. I can really tell a difference.ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Hey Kristin–just a heads up on All Free & Clear. It does contain optical brighteners, which is problematic for diaper laundry. You may not notice any problems at first, but the diapers will likely show problems over time. Here is a chart that outlines some of the different detergents & their ingredients:

      • Jennifer - Only the All Free & Clear available at a military commissary is free from optical brighteners. It used to have a big red dot on it, but now it has an image of dog tags around the neck of the bottle saying “no optical brighteners.” That’s the kind we use for our clothes, but we use RnG for our CDs.ReplyCancel

  • Tori [at] - A few additional questions…oh Queen of the Fuzzi Bunz..

    – do you “sun” them wet or dry?
    – how often did you styleberry soak when you were CD’ing all the time…before caroline was potty trained?
    – w/ the aquafor…what liner are you talking about? the rice paper/poopy liners? (i’m really learning this cd lingo huh? :-/)

    Thank you! Thank you! Can’t wait to start! :)ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - answers:
      -I placed them in the sun straight out of the wash–so they were wet!
      -I did the soak every couple of months, but not until after we started solids & they got stinkier.
      -& yes–the rice paper liner!
      well done! :) so excited for you!ReplyCancel

  • meghan - Just a helpful hint… The pediatric clinic at the Academy will perscribe Aquaphor by the 1lb tub. Our doc will have them fill our entire script at once so I’ll have three tubs in different spots in the house (my bathroom, their bathroom and the swim bag). Best part, I can get it at the base pharmacy and it’s FREE!! Jeeze that stuff gets expensive.ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Did you start CDing Caroline when she was a newborn? I purchased the one size Fuzzi Bunz, but they seem so bulky for my newborn.

    Do you use cloth or disposal wipes? If cloth what is your storage solution? What do you use on the go?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I started at 10 wks, but I will start right away if there is a next baby. :) & I used costco wipes last time, but I will definitely use cloth wipes for round two, at least for the wet diapers. I am certain that I’ll use disposable wipes for #2 diapers, but only for those stinky diapers after starting solids! Breast milk diapers are so easy to wash & I can;t see why cloth wipes wouldn’t be just as easy as disposables!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - This was so helpful!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Our first little one is due in early/mid october. We are traveling for christmas when he will we be around 2 months old. I have a good stash of FB’s now, but I am looking for something when we travel. I know you have used the flips but I am worried they are going to be huge on him. Any recommendations for travel diapers with smaller babies?ReplyCancel

  • Ali - How many FuzziBunz are in your stash? I have 12 and it works just fine, but I read an article yesterday that said 12 would not last for two years. It was the CEO of GroVia giving that information, which leads me to believe she may just want you to purchase more diapers…ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I have 22 FB + 3 grovia for travel. You could definitely get by with a dozen or so, but I just don’t want to do laundry that often! :)ReplyCancel

  • kristin - I didn’t know that about the Free & Clear…well that just sucks! I think I remember investigating it before on some site (maybe FB’s?) and All was recommended. Shoot…will have to investigate some more. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Hi Ali, I just wanted to give you my experience…
    I have both Grovia and Fuzzi Bunz OS diapers. I feel as though the fuzzi bunz are a bit more durable than the grovia. I think because the grovias are made from natural cotton they break down faster than the synthetic fibers in the fuzzi bunz. Also, with the fuzzi bunz you can easily replace the elastic with no sewing involved. You may have to replace your inserts before 2 years (they start to wear and get less absorbant) but I would think your shells should last. I have 14 Fuzzi Bunz and they get used about 3 times a week each for the last 16 months and they still look wonderful. I have not had to replace the elastic yet and my inserts are still doing pretty good (but I may replace them before baby #2 uses them). So, that’s my experience… I do like the cotton of the grovia’s though and to me it is worth it to have a variety in my stash. I say if your 12 Fuzzi Bunz are working for you, that’s AWESOME:)ReplyCancel

  • Tori [at] - ok! one more question…for now….
    which inserts do i use? the small ones for her being this little? then switch to the big ones when she gets bigger and double up when she’s sleeping 12 hours at night?
    Thanks friend!

    • -shawna- - yes, small ones when she is a newborn. Then when you start to notice leaks at night, move on to the bigger ones! You’ll know when. I didn’t double up for a long time. Can’t remember when, but again, you’ll know ’cause she’ll leak. ;)ReplyCancel

  • Tori @ - Another question! How do you organize on the go? Which bags for cleans & dirties & how many do you have? Havent quite figured out my CD organization out & about yet! I got one bag for cleans (came free at diaper junction via ur link below) & I bought a FB diaper tote but since it needs to be washed…thinking about getting a 2nd & another pale from FB so I can wash it w every wash & still have a pale. The CDs are so big, fo u just always have 1 in your bag & the rest in the car?ReplyCancel

    • Laura - Hi Shawna great info on fuzzibunz. I’ve recently started to use cloth diapers. I have the os fuzzibunz but my concern is when going out, how do you pack the diaper bag. I sometimes feel I need a carryon when I am going to be out running errands. Do you have any suggestions on how to pack the fuzzibunz in the diaper bag? Do you take 1 and leave some in the car?????ReplyCancel

      • Tori [at] - That’s exactly what I’ve started doing! I have a diaper junction bag (link on the footer on this blog) and I take my cleans in it. Then I have 2 dirty FB bags (the ones that zip) and I take one with me for dirties while I’m out. I take a few extra clean ones always. I have at least one w/ me in my diaper bag (or usually in the stroller) and the rest in the car. I usually change her in the car anyway, but just in case I’m in the dr or something and need to quickly change her (she’s a NB), I have one w/ me at all times. I also have a Grovia and some biosoakers in the car just in case I run out of FB one day! :) I’ve finally figured out my system. And, I got FB changing pads (2) and love them so far too! I’m a FB fan now. And, the free wipes they sent me…LOVE those! I’m a FB fleece addict! :)ReplyCancel

      • -shawna- - I ALWAYS changed in the car. I really never carried diapers…ever!ReplyCancel

  • melissa - Hey Shawna! I am getting ready for my first little one next month and will be using fuzzi bunz one size diapers with him after we get settled in at home. My question is.. do you remember what numbers you started out with for the leg and waist elastic?? I want to go ahead and size my diapers so they will be ready… but sizing 20 something diapers is pretty time consuming, and I don’t want to have to redo it! Thanks :)ReplyCancel

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  • Taylor - I am looking into starting cloth diapers with my toddler, but we are looking to add to our family here soon, so I love the idea of “one size” diaper that I can use for them both. My question is how many do you have as a “stock pile?”


  • Jaimee Young - First of all, I LOVE your blog! EVERYTHING about it! I too am a photographer, a new hypnobabies mamma, looking forward to cloth diapering #2 who is on the way! I was wondering if you (or others here reading) might give a little advice. I am living in a shared house. We live in the upper two floors, and the basement apartment is rented to a young sweet married couple. We have a shared laundry room and alternate our laundry days. I was talking to my sweet neighbor about my pregnancy last night and I mentioned that I was planning to cloth diaper. “Cloth DIAPER?! As in the kind that you wash in the washing machine?!” I saw a look of terror on her face and realized that I hadn’t even considered how they would factor into our decision to cloth diaper. She asked a few questions about the process and where all the mess went, and I could see anxiety building in her as I explained a diaper sprayer, liners, etc. She nervously told me that she has a bit of a problem with germophobia. She asked if it would be too much trouble to do an empty load of bleach after I did each cloth diaper load. As much as I trust that the detergent and hot water will kill the germs and wash them away efficiently, I want to be considerate of her situation as well. Would it be bad for the diapers or the washer to be bleaching it three times a week? We have a top loading washer, extremely hard water, and all utilities included in rent. I mentioned the possibility of doing diaper laundry in a laundromat if I absolutely HAD to, and she seemed a bit relieved at the idea. This would put a significant damper on our budget factoring in multiple trips a week, with the nearest laundromat across town, as well as eat up a ton of my time. I want to be considerate of my friend, but at the same time, where do I draw the line and try to find a happy medium? We cannot move, and we absolutely love it here. :(ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I would do an empty bleach load after the diapers. Just don’t bleach your diapers or it will void your warranty and be very hard on them!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - how often do you wash your diapers?ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen Davidson - I LOVE your b
    Of. I too am a babywise momma! I have twins that are exclusively breast fed and at 5 months now, I’m ready to start CDing! I’ve ordered everything but can’t if d the fb flushable wes. Where do you get yours?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - you mean liners? I love the GroVia brand. I buy mine at

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