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this much [21 mos] | Personal Project

Busy Busy. Life with a toddler just never slows down. We’re on the HIGH INTENSITY part of this ride & we’re barely coming up for air.

Another month has passed. My girl seems to have more energy as the days go by. How does that happen?! We just got back from a 1200 mile family road trip, where she skipped naps three of four days AND got at least two fewer hours of sleep each night. Didn’t even faze her. Not for a second. Go go go. Talk talk talk. Run run run. Whew.

Our Mother’s Day was spent on the road, driving back from Dallas. I have been told we’ll celebrate it on one of the weekends to come, but really, I am just happy I get to celebrate at all. She is enough. I spent several years feeling sad on Mother’s Day & while I do get to celebrate now, I always think about what it was like before this little ball of energy was in my life. It wasn’t easy. & I wish & pray that those of you who are longing to be a mother get your little miracle one day. It is absolutely, positively worth the wait.

So this is us this month. Doing what we call the “smush.”  Pretty much sums us up. (& isn’t my hubs getting good with the camera?!) I spent the last week trying to decipher the words “nuh-nul nuh-nul” as she held up her lovey & reached towards me. FINALLY this weekend it clicked. “snuggle, snuggle” she said as she threw her baby over my shoulder & dove in & clung tight. “nuh-nul nuh-nul, mama.” & them mama MELTS. She owns me with those words. Cause I can never, ever say no. ::sigh:: undefined

& who is still along for the ride? It’s never too late! What is my [this much] personal project?

& we’ve been spending a lot of time on the porch lately, despite the 90° temps. Dare I say your body does acclimate? I swear it does. It’s in the upper 80°s today & feels like heaven. Nice & cool. Go figure. Yesterday we were out on the porch playing & she looked extra cute. She wanted to wear a bow, but insisted on “tig tags” too. So we put them together. :) Mighty cute, I’d say. But of course, I am a little bit bias. Those big brown eyes + that smile are going to get her far in life. That pout just might too…brother.

I am gathering all my images in a nice, organized way & will launch my party planning series next! Food, Decor, Themes, Gifts & plenty of DIY stuff coming soon…!! & not just things you have to save for parties. :) PROMISE! Did you see a picture of something I was working on over on the styleberry facebook page that you DEFINITELY want me to cover? Just say so!!

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  • Chelsea McCown - I’m still in :) And I love the tig tags with a bow, just adorable!! Oh, and yes, your body does acclimate, I think 50 feels warm now!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly B. -…..what a doll! Thank you for sharing your sweet Caroline with us! :)ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - She is so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Katie Probandt - She is so precious!!ReplyCancel

  • Charlie - Why do ALL of your mommy posts make me cry?! These babes really are such precious precious gifts…..busy, but precious. :)ReplyCancel

  • Emily - Her eyes are just mesmorizing and you caught a perfect smile! Your hubby is getting pretty good with catching great moments, wish mine would just take the camera to TRY.ReplyCancel

  • chona el - i finally started it this month shawna. it took me awhile to think of something similar to your project but at the same time still original & unique for me. i combined your this much monthly project & my personal monthly letter to my little one.ReplyCancel

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