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what will they think of next!

My washer & dryer sing to me.

No really, they sing a song when they are done. It makes me smile every time & for that, I am grateful.

I haven’t had to purchase a w/d of my own until this year and thank heavens! They have come a long way, baby! After a ton of research & literally pouring through at least three product manuals comparing various makes & models I decided on an LG steam washer & dryer. So far, they have been nothing short of FANTASTIC. But that’s not what this post is about.

I didn’t want the typical stands to put the stackable w/d units on, only because I figured due to my height, or lack thereof, I would lose the space above them because I couldn’t reach. So, my goal was to create a folding station on top of the w/d. I began brainstorming & enlisted my father in law for the job a couple of months ago. We had this elaborate plan of a counter top that was built on a free standing unit that would fit around each machine…well…it was a whole lotta brainstorming for nothing! While walking through both Lowe’s & Home Depot, my mother in law was peeking at a new contraption made by whirlpool. OMG. Problem, SOLVED! Meet the 1-2-3 worksurface, made by whirlpool! It fits right over my LG w&d and does exactly what I want it to do!

The builders put the plugs for the appliances so high on the wall & I just hated looking at the icky wires! I haven’t found the perfect fabric for in there yet, but for now they are hidden by some of my favorite used-to-be pillows from crate & barrel. I loved the print & tacked them to the shelf above for an instant “curtain.” Little makeshift, but hey, it makes the space bright & cheery!! At some point I am going to paint the wall behind the w/d…just as soon as I find an inspiring fabric to prompt my design.

Ohh…and the BEST detergent ever is the HE Gain. Every guest I’ve had commented on their sheets & how lovely they smell. I highly recommend it!

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  • ashley - i want one of those!! i was just complaining about how i needed a better place to fold laundry! and i just bought the HE Gain since the commissary was out of tide – i’m anxious to see how i like it.ReplyCancel

  • ashley - had to tell you that i used the HE Gain for the first time today and i just LOVE the smell – you are so right!ReplyCancel

  • Tori - Ok…..I found your washer dryer on sale – your model – so it’s “last year’s” model now….I need your advice to know if it’s a good enough deal to buy them. So, when you’re done in your garden you have to call me :)ReplyCancel

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