10 in 10 on 10(ish) | December

I am a little late. A lot late. But I did *take* these on the 10th. I questioned why I was doing this ten on ten project this month…but what I realized is that it made me stop and look at the simple beauty of my crazy life. I had to look at each hour of the day & find something interesting or noteworthy. Or just something that I loved that hour. & you know…making myself stop & think about what I am doing intead of just doing it is reason enough to do this. So…these are my ten (iPhone) pictures in ten hours on the tenth day of this month! :)

(1) caroline takes for.ev.er to eat her waffle in the morning. & unless I sit there with her, she throws it to the dog. so I decided to get creative.

(2) can you see what is wrong with this picture? it may be a bit small. that’s a red cup gingerbread latte…& 70*. wrong. just wrong. but we’re cutting molars right now, so I treated myself. :/

(3) visited one of my favorite places (with a friend & ergo-ed babes!)  to treasure hunt here in SA, Architectural Antiques. there are steals amongst very, very high end pieces. these windows were out of reach…literally. stunningly beautiful there were two of them. & if I was building a home I would find a way to put them above my bathtub. agh. LOVED.

(4) headed to Hemisfair Park to let the girlies stretch their legs. got stuck behind this. awesome. it was a leisurely drive. :)

(5) did you participate in the starbucks 12 days of christmas? thanks to my dad I got text messages from sbux everyday for 12 days & this day my coveted cranberry bliss bars were 50% off. mad dash. yummy.

(6) outside time…we’re learned how to say ‘baah” for back. as in ‘bring it back.’ but when he listens, she takes teh ball & takes off…he is the best dog. seriously. :) & she is now ringing the bell (just like he does when he needs to go potty) to go outside. difference is, she throws a fit when I don’t promptly respond. girl likes to play!

(7) this book. ahhhhhhhhhgain. & again. & again.

(8) a week in & these are falling apart…oh well! $8 target slippers. love them. hope they last through this winter!

(9) whoopsie. forgot to wash the dipes. :( in a pinch, grabbed a flip! I have a big ‘ol draft of this post written…just need to take the picture I have in my head to show them to you!

(10) aah. was on a healthy eating holiday this day. that is most definitely a ChickfilA peppermint milkshake. with light syrup (as in less of it) and it was to die for. hubs always gives me his cherry. :)

I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to share in the coming weeks. Not sure when I will start my holiday quiet time… I am gifting some really fun things that I will share in the weeks following the holiday. Hope you are staying warm & enjoying this festive time of year!!! :) & if you happen to be new to my blog–welcome! So glad you are here! :)

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