berries, sticks, tape & fizz | DIY festive centerpiece

I drink water & lattes. That is pretty much it. Occasionally an IZZE, Frappuccino or CFA milkshake (the peppermint is amazing, with light syrup!). But day to day–it’s water & coffee. I don’t really like alcohol. I have nothing against it, I just don’t like the taste. I haven’t had a drink since I got pregnant in 2007. Don’t miss it. Just not for me. But, that is one of my stay-thin secrets. There are no empty calories from soda or alcohol consumed by me.

One of the things I love is Pellegrino. This & this alone helped me kick the soda years ago. I like bubbles, but not sugar. I buy in bulk at Costco & love it fizzy, cold, & straight out of the bottle anytime of the day. I even display it in my home like art. & one day at the pottery barn outlet, I found the PERFECT use for those pretty green bottles to take center stage!

I love having a table centerpiece that can rotate from season to season. I found this galvanized milk crate and loved the feel of industrial country it evoked. I knew I had to have it. It was $20 & I had visions of stuffing those bottles with blooms of the season to keep it current. Then I picked up the bottles…$24. EACH. Well. There was no way I was spending $150 on glass. Especially since I bet I could find some at a thrift store that looked a lot like this. But then…AHA! My Pellegrino bottles! PERFECT! So I started thinking holiday…this is a DIY project that is SUPER easy. Even the non-crafty can achieve this with great success. FUN!

I got my “milk crate” at the outlet, but you can buy it online at Pottery Barn here. I really love the wooden handle.

Supplies: pellegrino bottle (there are even holiday versions if you want to get fancy!), a branch of winter berries (this was purchased years ago on clearance at pier one & I tucked it away for the perfect project), floral tape, scissors, sticks (I cut mine from the base of the tree) and not pictured is a pliers that I used to cut the metal of the berry branches.

Then I wrapped the floral tape around the berries to attach them to the stick. (they looked funny just tucked in the top; I liked seeing the stem in the bottle)

& then all I did was stick the branches in the bottle. Quite a festive, happy little display!

so cute! I had plans for a burlap & ruffly, rosette-ish thing to wrap around the crate…maybe next year!

simple & pretty. just the way I like it. :)

happy monday!

shoot. I just realized that I took all the pictures for my 10 on 10 & never posted. whoopsie!

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