a fun & quirky little space | a bathroom makeover!

FINALLY! Oh my goodness. This project that has just inched along. I waited & waited to find just the right pieces & I am so glad I did because everything has come together perfectly! I’ll add commentary and all the DIY stuff as we tell the story in pictures (what better way, right?) So, alas, caroline’s colorful bathroom!!!

It all started with the Tucker Shower Curtain. Moxii so generously sent it my way & I promised a bathroom that did not disappoint. I asked them to be patient with me, as I needed every little detail to be just-so before I could call it complete. & now it is. So this room was built using that amazing shower curtain & the rug (Homegoods) as the inspirational pieces. I wanted something kid-ish, but not themed. I wanted a lot of DIY stuff, because I like a unique, personalized space. & I was on a budget, so I could not just go buy everything (but what is the fun in that!?) So the creativity began…

Had I been starting from scratch, the walls would have been a very different color, but I just do not have the time to repaint right now. So greige it is. ;) I’ll follow this clockwise–

  • Flowers in a little mason jar that used to house pesto.
  • Shower curtain hooks were originally metallic, & I just spray painted them with random colors I found in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby.
  • Beautiful, beautiful art prints from Studio Mela. Got them on a BOGO sale.
  • Full view…so wishing those walls were a soft shade of turquoise…oh well. Next house!

This is the shower curtain that started it all! Flower stool is from Homegoods. I have four of them & intend to use them around a little art table in the loft playroom. Photogs, this nearly all shot at ISO 6400. Woof! Not too shabby for a pretty dark room!

Again, I’ll take you clockwise:

  • The light flows through that shower curtain in the most beautiful way! I miss bright & sunny 7 pm baths!
  • Guest towels. I have full size towels in all these colors too, just so my guests never get their towels confused if they share this bathroom & use the hooks. Lamp DIY can be found here.
  • That goofy monkey was the only thing my husband insisted was on the baby registry. He looks pretty cute there. Thanks, Auntie Chrissa! Towel from Homegoods. Button Hook DIY can be found here.
  • Just getting crazy with the hot glue gun again. Soap pump from Target. Buttons from Hobby Lobby.

My mom spotted that cute little french fairy in the clearance bin at Pottery Barn Kids when we were out & about back home in california. It sure looks a lot like the shower curtain! I decided to let her float from the ceiling & she has proven to be just the thing to use to get caroline to look up while I rinse her hair. ;) Print was #2 from Studio Mela–& every little girl needs to see this message in the morning. I found frames for $7 ea in the clearance aisle of Homegoods & spray painted them. I covered the original mats with fabric found in a remnants pile at JoAnn’s. Adds a nice little touch of color & pattern to the wall!

& there you have it. What did the space used to look like? EEK. I cannot even believe how much my style has changed. My old external hard drive is acting up & my mac can’t read it so I can’t get the picture I want to post here. Think beige. salmon. more beige. & some bronze. I think this is way better. Sure is more fun to look at during bath time! :)

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