A whole new year.

Hi friends! Happy New Year! I hope you made your holidays as joyful as possible & enjoyed that extra time with your kiddos. I hope you’ve taken some time for YOU to sit and reflect on the opportunities you took advantage of in 2015 and made peace with those that you let go. I know I am not sad to see 2015 behind me, and am radiantly looking ahead at a huge year of change for our family!

Much of my reflection this year came back to this blog. I so want to be here, but there is a stumbling that occurs every single time. I have the best intentions…but then…life. Much like that goal we have to do that online yoga practice for ONE WHOLE HOUR…and then that big chunk of time becomes intimidating. So we come up with reasons why we can’t. & instead of accepting that all we have is time for a 20 minute practice, we skip it all together. & poof. A month goes by & we don’t move. Well, at least in one important area of life. This is one of those areas that keeps getting the shaft from me. My computer is now tucked in my closet since we downsized when we moved and there is no natural light and I really only have a few hours to myself with part time preschool this year and I want to do this and that and blah blah blah. You know the story. So this brings me to a decision that I made. How can I still be part of the creative community in a way that feels right and good and keeps me connected to all those who inspire me or help me feel connected to the community that I adore? & where can I share so many things that I want to share, but never do? Well. Instagram, of course!

Several years ago I made my personal IG private (leaving it for my friends and family only) and then blocked thousands of people who, as lovely as they may be, just didn’t need to see pictures of my kids with underwear on their head. My children deserve some privacy, too. But as the years go by, IG is continually the biggest source of daily inspiration for me. I have learned SO much from people that choose to share with me & I want to get back into the conversation. I have been holding back on my personal feed because I like business/personal boundaries & didn’t want to flood my friends with anything but kids pictures. But there’s more to my story. So my new IG…well..we’ll call it microblogging. (there’s a hashtag, but I have no idea if that is really a thing. HA!) I really don’t like sitting at my computer during this season, but I do love my iPhone, in moderation. I saw these words flash by several times this week and they’ve made me think–as so often, Instagram does.

stubborn goals flexible methods

So, without further adieu, you can locate me on Instagram under the name _styleberry_.

Have several goals over there:

(1) to add to the beautiful community of encouragement.

(2) to make you think. to make ME think. to share tips and tricks for making life flow a little easier. maybe you get inspired to do more? move more? cook more? explore more? make more? let’s learn from & inspire each other!

(3) to connect. so much of blogging is pseudo connections. Blog comments just don’t really do it for me. I am best nourished face to face, in moderation. But with IG, I can connect to real businesses and real places and if you are there and so am I, please say “hi.” St. Louis has an extraordinary local business community and it’s a pleasure to have so many mom & pop operations as part of my life here. I want to introduce you to them. & then I want to rave about more when we get back to San Antonio and I get to experience the opposite of Texas suburban life. Because living in the city now has helped me learn that suburbia is just not for me. :)

(4) to remind you that you aren’t alone. I promise not to sugarcoat. My life is challenging right now. I solo parent and am six months away from another big move that I will plan for and execute myself and I am hardly the picture of balancing it all. But I am trying to keep my positive voice. Let’s do that together. All we can ever really choose is our attitude, right? It’s ok to say “life is shitty right now, but here is what I am still grateful for…” and intentionally create a positive spin on what is less than stellar. Or sucks. A lot.

(5) to share the pretty. Decorating is what I love. It is what I love to look at. I can’t wait to share my projects, personal and professional, with you.

styleberry bella grace mag

Head on over to IG @_styleberry_ to learn more about one of my new favorite quarterly publications, seen here!! Alongside my favorite local almond milk latte.  :)

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