Baby Bum Drops + Cloth Wipes | FAB 50:6


  • BABY BUM DROPS: chemical free solution for wipes
  • As You Stitch Baby Wipes: these are single ply serged flannel. I prefer single ply flannel for wiping, found double to be too thick. I think I have ten dozen? Could totally get by with six dozen or so. And…AND…Alison is generously giving my readers an extra 10% discount on the current (sale!) price through the weekend, ending 3/24. Coupon code: STYLEBERRY. Yay! Stock up!!
  • FITori on Cloth Wipes: detailed description on the HOWs & WHYs (she’s the reason I am even doing this at all!)

A couple of notes:

  • I did not do this with caroline. I started with a giant nudge & these as a gift from Tori (see link above!). I do not know why I didn’t use them sooner!
  • I do not use them for most #2 diapers. Breastmilk poop–no prob. Used them 100% of the time for six months. Toddler poop is a different story to me. I use disposable for that. Once or twice a day.
  • I do not use them on the-go. I use disposable wipes for that. (I don’t have my shit quite that together. Ha!)
  • I use the itty-bitty-est amount of the baby bum drops. Literally, maybe a quarter of a cube for that big bottle of premixed solution. It lasts FOREVER. I’ll never use it all! It dissolves best in hot water. & I don’t use vinegar like Tori. I haven’t needed it.
  • I keep the bottle in E’s nursery to pre-moisten his wipes in a wipe warmer. I thought I would be a sprayer, but I am not. I like my wipes soaked. Nice & wet. I found they were a bit scratchy & not very efficient otherwise. The bottle holds about five “changes” of wipe solution. I make it about once a month.
  • I keep the wipes in the warmer pre-folded just like disposable wipes to make it really easy to grab them & use. I fold a stack after each load of wash & keep them in stacks in his drawer. This way I can reload the warmer in a jiffy & dump some solution right on them, without having to do any work the minute they run out.
  • Here’s how I fold them. I would have loved to have done a video but…yeah. I am sure there’s one on YouTube!

What else can I tell you…

This is not a long & involved post because this is not a long & involved process. I made it out to be so much more than it was in my head. It’s simple. It’s easy. & after you do it a week…it’s normal.

Any questions?? Anything you want to add? Let’s share!


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