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I am happy to report that it’s JEANS season! YEA!!! My FAVORITE time of year! We only get to wear denim for about three months of the year down here & I am so excited that it has begun! One problem this year…none of my jeans fit anymore. Boo. :( As I see it there are two solutions: (1) eat more or (2) buy new jeans! I (obviously) chose the latter…which got me thinking about my love for denim. But not all denim. Just some.

[I know that is a lot of denim…but this collection has been 9 years in the making…and some of those are capris…each of them holds a specific, cherished memory for me. Marriage proposal. Blizzards. Babies. Conquering the baby weight. I love them all. Too bad only two of them still fit. :*/ sniff, sniff.]

When I look at my closet & see where I spend the bulk of my money, it’s always on items that carry me for years & years. Tops, sweaters & dresses come and go–so I usually bargain hunt for those pieces. Plus, I get sick of them. But there is nothing like a great pair of boots or a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. So shoes & denim. That’s where you’ll find the really good stuff. Oh, and coats. But I haven’t bought one of those in a couple years…because you just never ever need a coat in this city.

So…a word on denim. Denim can easily take you from fashion DO to fashion DON’T. Just as there are jeans that fit like a glove, there are some really ill fitting jeans. I mean really bad. There are also a variety of washes–again, some that are rich and classy & some that are so distressed it looks like you just sat on a freshly painted white bench. I don’t get the distressed look–I am all about the dark denim. It is so much more flattering. & a flattering wash + cut is what makes a perfect fitting jean. So I stick to a few brands & know that I can trust their style & fit to be spot on. Plus, the quality is usually good & the fit is of the current style. My denim history goes like this (& can be followed left to right above!)…

  • 2001-I worked a LOT of hours for you, my very first 7 for all Mankind (not to be confused with Seven, which is NOT the same). I love you A-Pockets, even if you were the most expensive wardrobe item had I ever purchased & I felt sick doing so.
  • 2004-hello Citizens for Humanity…your pockets are colorful & cute. & you stretched (!!) as I expanded with that newlywed nine…but you were of poor quality & I took you back to where I bought you.
  • 2005-Paige Premium Denim…you make my legs look LONG & you don’t pinch my waist! More please!
  • 2009-7 released the Dojo…swooooon. :)
  • 2008-Paige Premium Denim Maternity…you promised great things & let me down. As in fell down. Constantly. You would not stay on my hips and made wearing you a nightmare. Even though you made my legs look skinny, you get a big, giant fail. ::sigh::
  • 2009- Hudson. I love you. You give me some junk in the trunk…and I am forever grateful! You are my favorite jean of all time. & you are a size smaller than I was in college. And I could wear you & pajama pants interchangeably. You are that comfortable. MWAH. You are my mr. right.
  • 2010- True Religion…you fit in my boots. & are slim & sassy. & are the smallest size I have ever purchased. So I really love you. But I feel like I am cheating on my Hudson’s because I love them more. You are my love of the season. But we won’t last forever. You are just my mr. right now.

So there you have it. Spend your money on your denim. Your tush will thank you (& so will your honey!) But be smart about it, because you still should not have to spend over $100 if you know where to look. My favorite place to buy is Nordstrom, because they hem at no extra charge & my jeans are ALWAYS too long. Watch the half yearly sale–you can always score during this time! Second runner up is Nordstrom Rack (& they are now ONLINE!! YEA!) Not as cheap as Nordstrom sales, but you can definitely get the good stuff at around a hundred bucks. Costco is another place to watch. Depending on your location, you may or may not get some good denim. We get pretty blah 7s here. Nothing I would buy. But back in CA, my mom seems to find all kinds of goodies at her Costco! Lucky for me!! I have also purchased online at Revolve Clothing.

A note on ebay…many people go here to look for a deal & I did too back in my novice days. I was majorly scammed. I got fake 7s in the mail. You can spot a fake using these little clues, but you need to know there are a ton of knockoffs out there. I say that as I go to list several of my authentic pairs that no longer fit…but really, be careful!

Of all things fashion, I think your jeans can make your biggest statement of all. They can be the icing on your cake. You can get away with a TON of bargain buys & still look expensive, using good denim as your base. So remember…buy dark denim. Don’t pay full price. Hem so it is the right length. Don’t feel bad about having several pairs so long as each is a different cut/style; each serves it’s own fashion purpose. & don’t buy too big. Nothing says class act like a nice pair of fancy jeans. Their utility is endless!

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