Pandora + Renee & Jeremy | FAB 50:1

I am so excited.

That is a good feeling.

I have been mulling for the last couple of months. Mulling. Steeping. What is next? How do I share all these little tidbits I keep wanting to share in a quick and fun manner. Instagram style. But not on IG. On the blog. I usually have big articles and short little blurbs often get overlooked because somehow they seem less important than stuff on my heart. But they are not. We are living for the little joys right now. & that’s what I’ve decided 2013 is all about.

Pare it down. Rid the excess. Keep the joy. Share the things we love most. The stuff that makes life easier or more blissful. Or things that just help us survive the day.

Enter my 2013 blog project: my FAB 50 finds. :) Here’s how it’s going to work:

Due to questions and blog/facebook comments and what used to be a zillion IG comments about everything I shared, I have decided to feature one little thing each week. Just one thing or resource or product or idea that is making me happy. I’m keeping it simple. Not a lot of words. Just a couple of pictures. What it is. How we use it. Why we love it. & where to find it. I’ll always have a link below the images where you can find exactly what I am talking about.

Sound good? :)

I am not going to post on a specific/regular day of the week. I’m giving myself that freedom from a deadline. I’ll share one-ish thing a week. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. There will be 50 by the end of the year. Promise.

So here’s the first one! I hope you find the same joy in it as we do!

To find MY channel (yes, this exact one!) follow this link & add it to your Pandora Playlists: Shawna’s Kiddies Station on Pandora

I use the Pandora app on my iPhone and airplay it on our TV/speakers. Click here to learn more about AppleTV.

& how difficult is it to use? caroline turns everything on by herself while I cook breakfast every day.

& then she sings. & dances. ;)

*& just a little update on shop styleberry: I had every intention to get it rolling asap and then we got hit HARD with the norovirus. Like, two grandmas flew in and Everett was hospitalized for several days, HARD. It took a bit to recover and we are finally all back to normal, so look for that to get going in the coming weeks!

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