Flushable Liners + Cloth Diapers = Not Gross!! | A Demonstration of Disposal

You asked for it. So here it is. I am not embedding it here, so you don’t accidentally get an eye-full of a #2 diaper. So….

To see exactly what a #2 diaper looks like, CLICK HERE.

It sounds like a lot of you had a misconception, much like I did, as to what actually goes in your wash machine.  Below is a screen shot from the video. What you are looking at is what is left over after I flushed the solids from a hefty #2 diaper, without ever touching it. Simple dump. Flush. That’s all it took.

Not so bad, right??!? Nahhhh. You could totally do it.

I almost forgot…my intention was to do a “best case” and a “worst case” scenario video. Well, after waiting every day since I posted the original video for a “worst case” diaper, I never got one. And I really didn’t want to try to get one. So, just FYI, every so often the liner gets bunched up & some solids miss & overflow onto the diaper. If you wipe the diaper with some toilet paper, the solids will come loose & you can flush them. Then, you can throw the diaper, no matter how messy, right in the wash. I would say this happens no more than once per week. You just have to learn how to properly place the liner (trial & error) and that should solve any early problems “missing” the liner.

Also, before my daughter started on solids, I did not use liners. She was exclusively breastfeeding, so we had pudding-like diapers, and every single bit of it went in the wash machine. The prewash rinsed the waste away. Diapers came out perfectly white!

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