Get some sleep! | Q&A: The Snuza

Oh Boy. What a weekend. It’s been a little dramatic around here, topped off with a midnight run to the Ft. Hood ER on our drive home from Dallas. My girl was wheezy and gasping and gave us a little scare. I don’t get rattled until I see my husband get worried, and he was worried about her breathing–which is not something to take lightly. We think she has croup (which sounds AWFUL) but I have been up, seemingly every hour, to check on her. And now, because the only organic milk left at target was DHA fortified, I have a latte that tastes like my evening fish oil. GROSS. So, I thought this would be a perfect time to get this post out there, because blogging without coffee…not such a great idea.  AND, I really could have used the product you are going to learn about during the last few nights!

As much as I like to think I am in the know about all the cool products out there, sometimes I miss a few. In this case, the time has passed for me to get the full benefit of using the product myself. I am not going to go purchase it at this time, but I still want to know more & share my information with you. This brings me to GUEST BLOGGING! Not often will you find a voice other than my own here, but if there is something important enough to share, then I think you should see it. Today you are going to see my Q&A with Renee, who is an expert user of The Snuza–a very cool product that I probably would have bought if I knew it existed!

How did you hear about the Snuza? Where can I buy it & how much does it cost?
Actually my husband found the Snuza. He was talking about various baby things with a guy from work who recommended it. My hubby knew I was wanting something that would monitor our baby’s breathing and this must have come up in their conversation. I love that fact that my husband actually found this product for our little man. He came home, shared what he found out about the Snuza, and we started doing some research about it.  The Snuza is made in South Africa. You can find a list of retailers on the Snuza website that sell it. That website is It is a very helpful site and has lots of information about the product. We purchased it online from BabyEarth for $129.95.

Tell me about it!
The Snuza is this nifty device that monitors your baby’s movements. It clips on the baby’s diaper and the small tongue apparatus lays on the baby’s stomach. A small green light flashes to let you know that it is working and sensing movement. There are two versions of the Snuza. The Snuza Halo will vibrate to arouse the baby if it does not sense movement in 15 seconds. If after 20 seconds there is still no movement detected the Snuza Halo sounds an alarm. The Snuza Go does not have the vibrating feature. It immediately sounds the alarm after 15 seconds. The alarm is easily heard through any monitoring system and cues parents to check on baby.

Any downsides?
With all technology there is the risk of operational failure. I guess it could be possible that the alarm may sound unnecessarily. I have never had this problem and the issue doesn’t really concern me. I would prefer the Snuza to sound and be a false alarm then to not have it on our little man at all.

How has it impacted your day to day life as a mom?
It has given me a sense of peace when my son is in his own room. Before I used the Snuza I would often check on him while he was sleeping, just to make sure he was still breathing. Sometimes I would even touch him to make sure and this would wake him prematurely. Now with the Snuza I do not check on him nearly as much and I don’t have that fear that maybe he stopped breathing. It also gave me the confidence to put him in his own bed at 4 weeks old, which has allowed all of us to sleep better at night. And good sleep is super important for any momma. I also plan to use it on long car rides when our son is still in his rear facing car seat. Because it is so small I can take it anywhere. It is very handy and I am sure there are many occasions when I will use it.

Would you consider it a must-have?
In my opinion this is not a need, but a want. I wanted something to help ease my mind and the Snuza does just that.

For more from Renee, you can visit her website & blog. We met through my BFF, who is a very dear friend of hers. Renee is a military wife, new mama & photographer based in Abilene, TX. We have come soooo close to meeting, and will one day. We have even slept in the same house (she arrived at 2am, I departed at 6am) but we still missed each other! Someday, Renee! Thanks for sharing this product with me! :D

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