How to Tie the MOBY Wrap

Moby & I had a very brief and unfulfilling relationship two and a half years ago. I wanted him to be a certain way and he wasn’t. I didn’t try hard enough. I wasn’t willing to bend. It wasn’t his fault. But he was just wrong. So we broke up.

But…we have recently rekindled things and I am so thankful he is in my life once again. We make a really great team. But it wasn’t until after a lot of trying, shifting and do-overs that we made it work. I love him. Not like xoxo I love you. Like I LOOOOVE him. He is the peace to my chaos. & I am going to show you just how we make it work…since so many of you have asked. :)

Here’s us in action:

A couple random things:

  • in the video I say “criss-crossed” instead of “twisted” a couple of times. The MOBY Wrap is supposed to criss-cross. It’s not supposed to be twisted. :)
  • I have both a black & a turquoise Moby Wrap. I far prefer the turquoise–I find it’s stretchier and cooler than the black one. I can also see the “track” on it better to correct any twisting.
  • It is super tight straight out of the wash & usually takes a day to stretch back out.
  • I wash it about once a week, no fading on the turquoise yet.
  • MOBY Wrap too hot? Wear less under it. :D
  • Caroline’s is authentic; it’s a Moby Mini.
  • Don’t know where to find one? I stumbled upon them in my TARGET the other day. Babywearing is totally going mainstream!

Did I miss anything?

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