I love a good stripe…

::sigh:: new homes are a lot of work. This week I have really been focusing on getting my new place looking nice and filling in the gaps where I felt design was lacking. I wanted to do stripes somewhere in this new home and I finally found the perfect place.
I loved the idea of the Ralph Lauren “candlelight” and decided to give it a go. My foyer was a little light in color for my liking, but I didn’t want to add color since there is plenty of it in the adjoining room. Using a yard long level I spaced the stripes out to adequately frame in the art I have on the walls in the space. I taped them off using my favorite, frog tape. I painted on the candlelight, which is just a glaze and was seriously BORED. I think it would look great on a darker color where you could actually see the lighter contrast of the iridescent glaze but if you are looking to see the stripes, don’t try this on light walls.
I decided to mix a custom color with the paint I had on hand to make tonal stripes instead of the candlelight. I took the greyish brown color I used in my bathrooms upstairs (color matched to Valsparsiene“) and mixed it with the basic beige I used in most of the house, which is also the color in the foyer. Adding just the slightest amount of “siene” I created a color that made a tonal stripe that would add interest but wasn’t so much of a contrast that it overwhelmed the small space. I am pretty happy with the result. I didn’t mix enough of my own custom color to paint the wall the door is on, so that is my next project!

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