No more matchy matchy!

I have spent far too many years buying everything that came in the pottery barn catalog and decided that, starting with this house, I am going to refuse to be soooooo commercial. I really don’t want my space to look like anyone else’s and if I buy the whole page from PB, it will look like a clone of someone else’s place in anywhere, USA. Surely I will pick up generic pieces here & there but this is my declaration: my house will have as many one of a kind pieces as possible! So, that being said, meet my new throw pillows! All unique…different patterns, textures, fabrics. Haven’t figured out the right arrangement yet…but at least it is interesting to look at! If you really pay attention to high end designer looks, there is always a very deliberate mismatch of fabrics that wind up looking so interesting you cant take your eyes off them. So here’s your challenge: think outside the pottery barn box!

Hi! Hello! I am Shawna, the founder of Styleberry Blog. This creative corner of the internet has become a learning haven for moms and creatives, offering a warm and encouraging nudge to those who wish to be better and do better, but often don't know where to start. From Decorating to DIY to Diapers and Paleo-ish Dishes, I strive to make the complicated simple and empower women to take action beyond their personal comfort zone. I subscribe to the Shine Theory & so strongly believe that we shine when the women around us shine and mutual support—lifting up instead of tearing down--will always be the culture here. Are you in? I hope so! Beyond the computer, I run Styleberry Creative where I work with clients to create low fuss, high function spaces that are pretty and practical in San Antonio, Texas and beyond. I LOVE making a house a home. My own studs out renovation is now complete and I am now back to working with clients. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you'd like to work together! I hope you’ll join me on this fun new adventure! Xo.