I totally told an NBA starter that I thought basketball was boring.

Shining moment in my life.

Let me explain…

So I had my first hair appointment here in San Antonio. This is probably the most anxiety ridden part of a move-that and finding my gynecologist. I was limited to three salons because of the hair color I use & love and decided on the only salon in town that met my list of requirements. I met my new stylist, Nowlin (his stage name, yes, he is forty, fabulous and flaaaaming). So Nowlin sits me down and we begin down the road of the most fun salon experience I have had to date!

Mid conversation about red and shades of red and how his conditioning treatment intensifies the color (yes, I bought it and got it today…fabulous) and he casually introduces me to this guy who I get to know over a 20 minute period. This guy is warm and friendly and has the most perfectly buffed and beautiful hands I have ever seen on a man, not to mention they are the softest hands I have ever shaken…so we chat and find some common history. CSU Fullerton, coming from California and he explains his business plan to me emphasizing his love for unbeatable customer service. He tells me never to bring my own coffee again, that he would proudly brew me a fabulous cup in the salon. After we chat and laugh and have some genuinely entertaining conversation, he moved on to the next client in the salon and introduced himself, serving a choice of five different beverages on his tray. He was hand passing drinks to the clients. I had learned that he was the owner of the salon and it was named after his wife. He had two kids and moved to San Antonio about 10 years ago. His little boy spent 2 hours on the potty trying very hard to pee during a party this weekend. You know, I learned the good stuff.

It got better when he walked away.

Turns out he is the starting center on the Spurs. Bruce was Bruce Bowen. Millionaire. Pro Athlete. Celebrity. Hmm…Did I really just tell this guy I didn’t like basketball because I thought it was boring?

I totally did. I don’t think that I told them all the men in my family hate the spurs because they think its boring to watch…but I could have. I don’t know. Just a girl, in a salon, chatting her head off to whomever will chat back. Ughhhhhh!!

Did I mention he was humble, and unassuming and really cared about his job at the salon? He was wonderful. And I will go back. For Nowlin too. :)

Nowlin told me that Eva comes in for her spa treatments every time she’s in town for Tony’s games. Guessed I picked the best salon in San Antonio! Score!

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