Is it over yet? | The Wonder Weeks

My little girl has always been a great sleeper & a great eater. She has been on a very predictable routine (babywise =awesome awesome awesome) since we brought her home from the hospital & I credit this structure for helping shape her easygoing temperament. She knew when she was going to sleep & this gave me (and her) some peace of mind. She was pretty darn easy & still is, minus the not ever sitting still/destroying everything in her path part.

BUT…every so often she’d out of the blue

  • wake up at strange times or refuse naps all together
  • refuse to eat very much
  • get clingy & cranky
  • just could not be pleased

This was SO not normal for my angel of a baby. I started paying attention to these phases because they did not last long but they were EXHAUSTING. I had heard about a theory from a friend and sure enough, every single time we had one of these ‘blips’ it corresponded to a predictable “Wonder Week.”

The Wonder Weeks is a book that proposes a theory that there are “eight predictable age-linked leaps in your baby’s development” that cause all of the things I mentioned above. I never bought the book (just read the website) & it was dead on. It gave me such great relief to know this was normal & okay & would not last forever. WHEW. I always fear that my wonderful baby will someday not be wonderful. BUT–so far, she has reverted back to my happy girl every time. I encourage you to read a bit more about it, as I found it to be a pretty fascinating concept.

That being said, this week (week 55 for us) is another Wonder Week. There has been very little sleep, lots of cranky & plenty of new-found sass. Who knew a one-year-old could pitch a head banging fit? Um, yeah. She’s a feisty one. Just like her mom. Gotta love her.

& like my new lamp? I sure do! Off to tend to my non-napping child…productivity is at an all-time low this week!

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