just a little type a…

If you know me, you know I am not one of those people who can naturally just take it easy. Oh no, I am a busy body. I really do not sit still much, which is why I struggle to get more blog posts up! I have so many things consuming my time & that I want to learn how to do that I just cannot sit still!

Now that I am 9 months pregnant, this should change, right? Umm, not so much. I am not your typical ice cream & pickles, sit on the couch gal. Since being pregnant, I have formed my own LLC, learned how to run a small business, exercised every day (until recently), repainted & designed an office, helped my husband build a home gym & organized every bit of my home. Just to name a few things. I take great pleasure in getting to the cash register of the pet store & having the clerks look at me in disbelief, when I roll up with two 45 lb bags of dog food in my cart. That I lifted in there myself. PREGNANCY IS NOT A DISEASE! (though it may cause waddling & frequent trips to the bathroom…) This last month of pregnancy has been challenging because my body can’t keep up with my brain. I am trying to be just as active as ever but I get to the point where my back aches & my feet hurt. It hasn’t stopped me yet, but being 2 weeks out from birth, I must say, this is really not comfortable! When my husband came home to find be re-caulking the shower last week because I found a trace of mold & couldn’t clean it out, he just shook his head. This is the woman he married! I will not nag…I will just do it myself…even if I am squatting with razor blades & a watermelon sized belly to dig out some icky silicone that is intruding upon my spic & span clean home. ::sigh::

Thus, it’s no surprise that I am transferring all this energy into some smaller projects that are a little less taxing on the body in these last couple of weeks. I have looked up & down for just the right “baby log” to keep good records for my child and have yet to find something that fit the way my brain thinks. So I just made one myself. I combined a few different charts I have seen & made sure the format made sense to me. I also included a cheat sheet for my dear husband, whose nose is so far up his trauma & surgery books that he doesn’t have much time to read anything else. He was, however, very proud to have supposedly mastered the 5 S’s from Happiest Baby on the Block…we’ll see when there is a real baby involved and not a cat he has been shhhhhhhushing.

So, as if you needed more proof that I am ridiculous…here it is! On today’s agenda, learning how to sew. This should be fun!


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