Just in case…

I have focused most of my attention on creating a fun & bright boys room but must also plan for a little girl…just in case. I realize my intuition could be TOTALLY wrong and I might end up with a daughter, so she should have a nursery that is no less fun than a little boy’s! So here is my storyboard if it is a girl. You can see the actual room & furniture here. The only piece of furniture you still can’t see is a tall armoire that has two glass doors on top & will be lined with coordinating fabric. There will be a lot of tweaking along the way, but for now, this is the basic plan:


Now on my screen (even though my color profile is embedded, ergh!), the colors show up very different than in real life. It is NOT hot pink, it is a deeper magenta color. But you get the idea. Below is closer to the right colors & I am working on a fix. I am beyond frustrated!! I need to see the walls before I make too many more decisions. I am not sure if the curtains would be black or white, but either way, I would make them myself (now that I have taught myself to sew-yeah!) & accent them with pink in some capacity. I am leaning towards tying them with bows at the top. I had originally planned on pulling in an apple green too, so we’ll see how that looks once everything is put together. I will make some throw pillows for the chair. I will not use the bumpers until after the first year, but they were way too good of a deal to pass up! I am also not yet sure what I will put in the frames that will hang above the dresser. The little girl’s name we have picked out is as many letters as there are openings, so I might do something fun with that. I also still want to do a fabric covered tiled pinboard wall behind the door for art & special cards, so I will use some of the fabric for that too.

I have been going back & forth on the wall stenciling and it wasn’t until this morning that I got some clarity. I like this stencil the best and with modern technology (awesome!) I was able to make a brush in photoshop to simulate exactly what a few different wall patterns would look like without having to do this in real life. Here were my mockups (and I would LOVE feedback!!!):

The two walls stenciled will be the two that intersect behind the crib. This was the original plan (much thanks to my genius designy friend Lauren, who suggested adding grey to the opposing walls!). I thought it might be a good idea to add the grey into the damask pattern but…something wasn’t right. I don’t love how this looks. I wanted really high contrast, and this just wasn’t doing it for me.


So I messed with doing mostly black damask, and adding in a few random pink medallions for color. It felt kind of rock n’ rollish to me. I am not a rock n’ roll kind of gal, so I kept trying different patterns. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I can do this on photoshop & don’t have to do it in person!


And after playing around a bunch, my very favorite design ended up being the one I had never thought of. I really prefer all magenta. [i think] Since all my furniture is black & white, and a main accent fabric in the room is black with white polka dots, this just felt right. What do you think?


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