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Part of my biggest challenge with welcoming baby number two into our home is the guilt. I always seem to feel like my girl is second fiddle. She’s not as needy as my little guy…she’s pretty darn self sufficient…& frankly, I just haven’t had the sleep to give me the energy to be the kind of mom she’s used to. Do you feel me? I know you do.

Well. Part of my mission with this blog is to make the complicated simple and that is just what the awesome people behind Kiwi Crate do. When I got an email from Jen, who introduced me to their concept, I was overjoyed. Send me an educational craft kit with all the supplies and all I have to do is follow your instructions?!!! YES, PLEASE! I mean let’s face it–we moms just can’t do it all sometimes. I am sure that someday I’ll be back to strolling the aisles of Hobby Lobby dreaming up my next project, but right now is just not the time. So Jen sent me a Kiwi Crate and when it arrived–ahhmazing. & the best part? Caroline and I got to spend some quality time together during one of Everett’s catnaps doing what we love to do.

Check it out! I literally couldn’t keep her hands off it!

 Each box comes with two (sometimes more) crafts–one on the left and one on the right, geared towards your age child. We only did one craft (I still have the second one tucked away for another day!) and all the supplies are included, along with directions.

This sleep deprived mama thanks you, Kiwi Crate.

Now sometimes caroline is into crafts and sometimes she isn’t. I know really quickly how she feels and this kept her attention for a good half hour. She looooved making her firefly.

Our crate had a bug theme and along with the crafts came these neat flashcards. While she was busy stickering her bug, we talked about the flashcard bugs. Sneakin’ in that learning…

Sticker sticker sticker…

& while the bug came with these sweet little wings and a glitter string for it to fly on, she was plenty happy with her decorated bottle & kept running in the bathroom watching the glowstick glow.

& I call that, a success.

Thank you, Kiwi Crate, for making me feel like the old me for an afternoon.

& for those of you who are looking for great kids crafts minus the planning (and even the drive to the store) you have got to check this out. Kiwi Crate is geared towards kids 3-7 and delivers a new crate monthly…best twenty bucks ever. BUT…lucky you…styleberry readers are getting a discount code of their own that is good on your first crate and will be valid through September 7th.

Promo code: STYLEBERRY25

Want to learn more? Head on over & peruse their fun site. I am looking forward to our monthly crates! (& there is a sibling option for additional supplies–just to curb the fighting.)

Simple creativity. The best kind for busy moms!

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