Letting it go.

Motherhood has been really good to me. I credit it for being the one and only thing that has helped me let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies. If I have learned anything on this crazy journey, it’s that seeking perfection as a mother is detrimental to all involved. I have loosened up a lot in the last 15 months. And it has been a very good thing.

What I still can’t let go of is perfection in my images. There are so many ‘near perfect’ shots that get dumped because I fear that they are not good enough for my own inner critic. However, there are some images that capture moments that just cannot be deleted from my hard drive. Perfect or not, they are real. Real enough for me to want to remember the imperfections forever. Not perfect light. Not perfect focus. Not perfect anything…except that moment that I cannot bring myself to delete.

Sometimes, my clients get imperfect technical images because as a mother, I feel the moment is worth sharing. I can pick the technicalities apart, but what about the bigger picture? The love. The smiles. That is what I care about.

This is my imperfect Saturday. Grain. Missed focus. I could go on…but that little girl was giggling and crawling between me & her daddy and I can just hear her every time I look at this…I couldn’t let it go. Pretty sure it’s going on my new picture wall. I love it that much. :)

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