putting a face to your name | your Gravatar

I’ve got so so much on my plate right now, so this is a quickie! Short & sweet!

Don’t let the name scare you. I am about as non-science-fiction-ish as it gets & probably would stop reading if I saw the word Gravatar, but this is worth knowing! I can’t take credit for this info; I only know about it because of my BFF, of FitoriBLOG.com.


It’s a “globally recognized avatar” or in plain language, it’s a picture of YOU that goes along with blog posts & comments. You know, that little box that pops up, often empty, that is next to your name when you comment? That can be filled with a picture of your choice.


You don’t. But it’s fun. If you own a business, it helps you with your branding & associating YOU with your words. From my perspective, as a blogger, it helps me remember YOU. I love seeing faces with names.

I do not have my blog enabled to show them on the main page, because most of my readers do not have their Gravatar set up, so it would be pretty useless. If you head on over to Fitori & look at the comments section of a post, you can see what I am talking about. Below is an example of what it looks like when you DO have your Gravatar set up. On her site you will see some that don’t, & they all have generic colored designs in their boxes.


Go to this site: GRAVATAR. Click “Get your gravatar today.” Enter your email address & follow the directions! If enough of you start using this feature, I might just add your pretty faces in the comments section!

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