Make it work! | DIY Curtain Panels

Now, I don’t want any of you to think I am a master sew-er or anything. Nope. This is officially my 4th sewing project. I have never taken a class and I know nothing more than how to sew a reasonably straight line. That is all this project takes…and some math skills!

The ceilings in my home are pretty tall. I need at least 96″ drapes to properly fit the windows and sometimes, the fabric that I love only comes in or is stocked in 84″ panels. I have fallen in love with fabric patterns so many times, only to be disappointed by the length. Well…this time I got creative. This was pretty much EXACTLY the pattern I was looking for to cover the windows in my Kitchen Nook. I wanted something brighter than the Espresso colored drapes in the rest of the room, as the black table just darkens everything & it needed some light. These panels are from Pier One, but I could not find them online and I was not going to let them get away. So…I color blocked them, and I think they look even more tailored than if they were just one single pattern! I did some simple math, made sure the line was straight & with four straight lines–the curtains took on a whole new life! The bottom fabric is from Hobby Lobby. I have plans to attempt roman shades for both the window on the door & the window above my sink, made from the linen embroidered fabric. Life with my little one means just one project a week, these days!  Next up, chair pads. I never could find any I liked so you can see the corner of one peeking out on the bottom left. All I have left is the tie part…now I just need to find the time…

& Because I had fallen into a rut & was only taking pictures in one part of my home, I decided to start exploring the light from different angles. These are just a few shots from around the house! To learn more about the stripes in my foyer, go here. I recently flipped the mirror below in to a vertical position & I am amazed at how much bigger it makes the room feel.

partners in crime + reading in lovely light. You can see some of my green color swatches in the Loft!

We have been looking for an elephant to get Caroline for quite some time now. This is the first & favorite animal sound that she can/could make. While up visiting her cousins this weekend we were introduced to Mary Meyer, who makes some ADORABLE stuffed animals. When I found the Easy Peasy Elephant, I knew that was THE ONE. The big smiling shots above & below were a result of Caroline dragging elephant off the table & throwing her on the ground. Hey, whatever it takes!

Classic Caroline. Happiest girl on the planet, with the cutest post-nap bed-head ever!

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