Modern Ruffle=L.O.V.E. | Spotlight on Moxii

Oh. I. Am. So. Excited. You are going to LOVE this!!

We all have style. Some of us have the guts to show ours. Some of us are getting there. It changes. It evolves. How do we know we have it? It’s instinctual. Our style is simply a sampling of the things we love. What we are drawn to. That’s all.

My style seems to be changing as the years go on. I used to love buying clothes from Banana Republic. I earned my LUXE membership fast. However, recent trips to Banana have left me feeling BLAH. It’s not interesting. It’s really nothing new. Sure there are the classics, but these days, I am inspired by Anthropologie. I love Garnet Hill. Boden=YES. Etsy is the best thing on the planet. I love interesting clothes. Even more than interesting clothes, I love interesting bedding. I am ready to gut the decor in my home & start fresh. Think bright, energizing, lively colors that make better backgrounds for pictures than beige. Lord knows that I take enough pictures in these four walls to justify some new color.

I am not sure how I came across Moxii, but I instantly felt drawn to the bedding. I loved the texture, the pattern. Everything. ADORE. Then, they asked me if I would blog about them. EVEN BETTER…they offered my readers a sweet discount! I enjoy sharing the things I love, and also enjoy it when you can get them at a special price. There is also a Deserving Design Giveaway ($500 gift card) that I think you all should check out. It is super easy to enter. & there is a very exciting new addition coming in the fall (Moxii BABY!!) I can’t wait! So here you go, meet Katherine of Moxii!

I have always drooled over your bedding! You make a bed with texture & pattern that is just to DIE for! Tell me about your brand & how you got your start?

We first started two years ago with the idea to decorate dorm rooms. Our goal was to have 20 clients, instead we had 200! We easily found a niche with student interiors and decided to launch an online store. Soon, we realized that a retail store in Auburn would be a hit in the community. As we have grown as a company, so have the linens, which can be considered a look for all ages, not just students.

The Moxii brand is not just a store, it’s a style. Most people purchase the standard “bed in a bag,” but Moxii gives you the option to pick and choose your bedding to fit your personality. If someone doesn’t know where to start, then that’s where we come in. We assist the buyer and help choose the best options for what they are looking for. Moxii is best described as bohemian, whimsical, and eclectic with various layers of fabrics of different textures.

In five words or less, tell me about your customer?

A Moxii customer is female, appreciates the Moxii style, is non-traditional, and wants to express their individuality! Is that five words? :)

What is your very favorite item from your line?

My favorite item from our line are the featherweight quilts. I love them for their comfortable feel and how soft, lightweight, and airy they are.  The featherweights have a combed cotton inside that gives them the “nuggle” ( Thompson’s way of saying snuggle) effect.   If layered at the bottom of a bed, or as the main quilt you can’t help but want to lay on it and dive into a good book.

What is your current favorite decor item outside your brand?

My favorite decor item outside of Moxii are these rugs that I came across at market in Atlanta. They are a patchwork of various oriental rugs.  The intricate designs of different rugs combined into one is magnificent in my opinion.

How did you find styleberry? What do we have in common?

We found styleberry through Twitter :) styleberry and Moxii both appreciate “out of the box” style consisting of unique, whimsical pieces that tie the room together, creating a one of kind room that you don’t want to leave!

Lastly, because much of this blog is about encouragement, what is your greatest piece of mommy wisdom??

My mommy wisdom to other working mom’s is to be in the moment, be flexible and remember that family comes before work.  I personally set time aside in the morning and at night just to spend with my boys. I try to ask them, “What do you want to do?”  When it’s not a busy season with Moxii, I set aside 1 day a week to work from home and spend quality time with Thompson and Shepherd.

Flexibility and multi-tasking is a must with being a working mommy.  I often find myself exercising (pushing the double stroller) while talking to the boys about their day, holding the leash with Moses (our dog) on the other end, answering the phone about Moxii and thinking about what we should cook for dinner.

I have a wonderful husband that supports me in all I do and that is a huge blessing from the Lord.  Part of being a wise mommy is remembering that you were married before your kids arrived and with that is remembering that your husband comes before the children.  As moms we get wrapped up in the everyday (really every moment) needs of our children and often put our marriages on the back burner.  One thing the Lord has been teaching me lately is the importance of showing our children that our marriage does come first.

So two things…

1. Head over to the Moxii Blog & check out the Deserving Design Contest. There is a $500 gift card ready for one deserving winner & if you are not local, an online design consultation is part of the prize too. Contest deadline: 9.1.10

2. Moxii is generously giving a 20% discount to my readers!!! Simply enter “styleberry” at checkout. Discount code valid through 12.31.10. Now go find yourself some sassy bedding! Or maybe one of those amazing shower curtains (mine is coming soon!). Or even an apron. You deserve it!

Happy Shopping!

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