my pretty christmas | & of course, some DIY holiday cheer

I am amazed at how much can be accomplished when I give myself the freedom to NOT be glued to the internet. After reading this (which I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to peruse!!) I was reminded that I needed to rest my typing fingers & start using my hands. I have started & finished so many projects that I have been meaning to get done. My soon-to-be playroom is completely prepped for painting & construction. I am so excited to finally get it done. I first talked about it here & now it is becoming a reality! Which means I will be very busy the next couple of weeks & will be signing off until the new year. I have been taking plenty of pictures & will continue, so I have a bunch of DIY stuff coming soon. :)

But first, my last bit of Christmas “pretty.”

This time of year, not much brings me more joy than getting cards in the mail. I spent about two seconds thinking I wouldn’t do a card this year…and then I did. Of course. Because you get what you give & I love getting cards! I decided to display all of the cards I received this year in a simple & easy way. I love how it looks on my coat closet & thought you all might enjoy a 5 minute DIY project. It goes like this: (1) find pretty, sparkly ribbon and cut two long pieces (or more if you get a lot of mail!) (2) find a door that does not get opened & closed a lot (3) use tape, or a thumbtack on the top of the door, to affix the ribbons so they fall over the top of the door & extend to the ground below. (I secured mine to hooks I have on the inside of the door, with both a safety pin to hold the ribbon & then painter’s tape to keep it from sliding back & forth) (4) get some clothespins & pin the cards to the ribbon! & then enjoy the happy faces of your friends & family. :) & to the right is our card. Love the die-cuts available this season!

Growing up, I always had my very own tree & I really wanted caroline to have one of her own too. She chose the ornaments (of three selections I gave her!) and as soon as we started decorating, she was popping the metal piece off the ball faster than I could say “STOP. DO NOT!” But she had fun. & was full of glitter. & they were promptly removed from her grasp & put up high where she couldn’t reach them. Now her tree elicits one of two things…a ferocious “MORE” if she finds it unlit (’cause all trees need to be ON. ALL DAY.), or “oooOOOOOoooOOOooo’s” if she is sitting in admiration. She loves it. & it keeps her attention when I am changing her. & she lays there & swipes at that one green ornament the whole time. It’s kind of adorable.

The tree was so pretty. & I was bored with my current processing so I thought…why not play? These images look a bit different from my usual work, but this is my vision of a “pretty” Christmas…inspired by my Pinterest “pretty” board.

& since we had the mini tree & all the mini tree skirts were really unattractive…I decided to get creative. I ruffled some fabric I had laying around (was too lazy to switch out my thread to white & now wish I would have) & glued it to some burlap, which is my obsession of the season. I am pretty thrilled with how it turned out! Messy & pretty. Seems to be a theme of mine lately.

& the whole reason I was in her bedroom was to make my FuzziTree…which was my vision of my last post of the year. Many of you are here because of my FuzziBunz post that went viral or my youtube video…where almost fifteen thousand of you have watched me flush a liner. seriously. I am so glad you are here & that you stuck around! It has been quite a ride this year…& this blog has taken off in a way I never intended or expected.

This started as a blogger blog called “a creative space” and was just a place for me to share my projects with family & friends. It has now grown far beyond my immediate circle & I adore this wonderful community of kind & helpful women who are a part of this journey with me. I have learned so much from you all. I know there are a LOT of you who read & don’t write back…but I appreciate you stopping by. I do love hearing from you & your comments make my day. :) I hope to keep this blog just as I started it…a place to learn, grow, simplify, share & be inspired. I hope that I have helped you feel at least one of these things since you started coming here.

I wish you a very happy holiday, whatever you may be celebrating this season…& hope you can get off the internet & enjoy some fresh air & family time! :):):)

*smooches* from texas!

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