no latte? something must be seriously wrong | iPhone-ography

Yep. Two days without my morning latte. You know something is up when that happens. I am five pounds lighter & feel like I got a whole body workout. Thank you lettuce-that-must-have-had-something-terrible-attached-to-your-leaves. I am just glad it is over & that the babe never skipped a beat. Crisis avoided. I spent a few hours in bed. Not tired. Just exhausted. Thankfully, my sick cycle started about 12 hours after my husband’s so I had someone to be Mr. Mom while I was out of commission.

I spent quite a bit of time on my iPhone taking a peek at the 1002 pictures that I took since I got it two months ago. I caught up on my news…and [gasp] learned my FAVORITE FAVORITE iPhone app was just BANNED from iTunes! EEK! Indeed, Camera+ committed a big no-no, and snuck in the awesome feature that allows users to press the shutter button using the volume controls. I only learned of this after the ban, but it still works! (& is really, really nice) SO if you don’t already have the app, boo hoo. If you got it the last time I talked about it (YAY!), you can watch this video & unlock the feature at minute 1:15. & for more info on why this app is awesome, watch this.

Because my iPhone has completely replaced my point&shoot, here are some images from the last few weeks…just to help remind you that beautiful, fun imagery is totally possible with your very own iPhone! No fancy camera gear necessary. Just some creativity & time learning your tool. Words & links follow, but are not necessary.

Top row to bottom row, left to right:

  • beautiful clouds on a beautiful day.
  • crossfit callouses from pullups. yeouch.
  • 4am. hadn’t yet slept. guess what we saw the next day? two bright white front toofers!
  • hit nordy’s for new fall shoes. for both of us.
  • every single morning they groom each other while sunbathing. L.O.V.E.
  • saying HI to the Auntie in Africa. my SIL is becoming a master weaver in Ghana with the Peace Corps. live vicariously here.
  • just my front seat. all my current interests.
  • “ears are not for pulling!”
  • cutest frickin pants ever. found at a new store that just love, Naartjie.
  • not sure how that is comfy, but this is how i find her every single night…
  • totally an accident. so needed that on that day. beauty is everywhere!
  • adding pumpkin to the first batch of fall baking goodness!
  • according to Heather, ladybugs are good luck. this one was for her.
  • testing out our brand new Ergo. somebody thought it was pretty fun! (i was still recovering & sure look like it.)
  • baby bubbles
  • you didn’t really think I had a clean desk now did you?

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