Nowlin Roberts Hair & the “A” list | San Antonio Photographer

Sometimes, I think that hair stylists need counseling degrees. Why? Because they have a really hard job. They have to listen to us crazy women talk for two hours straight. I think I would go mad if I had their job. I have been SO SO lucky to have found an amazing hair stylist with each of my military moves. If I hadn’t hooked up with Joe in Omaha (who took me from blonder than blonde to fabulous red!), I would have never found Nowlin (of Nowlin Roberts Hair).  Before my second PCS, Joe cautioned me to “only go to a L’Oreal Instructor Trainer!” So I did my research & as soon as I landed in San Antonio, finding someone local was #1 on my priority list. not. even. kidding. I am a girl who is serious about her hair. ;)

Nowlin & I hit it off, to say the least. He has become a very dear friend. You first heard me rave about him here, when I introduced you to INOA, the hair color that I swear by. I nudged Nowlin to start a blog of his own & after doing a lot of brainstorming & stepping out of his internet comfort zone, he started one: Beyond the Call of Beauty. I have found it to be so so so informative & have learned so much about products, colors, & caring for my hair. He posts once a week & covers topics that are extremely relevant if you are someone who cares about your hair, too. & I happen think your hair plays a HUGE role in first impressions and how people view you. I still wonder if it was any coincidence that my first year making six figures in corporate America was the year I went red. A hairstyle & color says so much about a person. & I owe every bit of my hair-impression-making-ability to Nowlin. :) Which is why he pulled out his iPhone the day of this shoot, & got me on the books, because one look at my blonde roots was enough for him to cringe. (I soooo saw it Nowlin!! :P) Thank you for making me stop my hectic life & sit in your chair!

Nowlin needed some new head shots because he has some really exciting things happening for him in the near future. Plus, everyone needs an online image makeover every so often! One thing on his to-do list is the addition of his “A” List to his blog. This is important to you–because even if you are not a local San Antonian, this will be a place you can reference for trusted hair colorists & stylists NATIONWIDE. Be sure to stay tuned. But if you are local–give him a call! I cannot even begin to tell you how good he is..& how kind & generous & warm…can’t you just see it in his eyes?

Nowlin, I am so glad you went with the image you chose as your “favorite” because the light could not be any more dreamy! Thank you for spending a half hour with me & my little cranky princess to get these images done quickly!! :)

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