Oh, the BOWS on these BUMPERS! | Spotlight on Caden Lane

I have to tell you, I was a wee bit giddy a couple of years ago, when I discovered Caden Lane was a local business. THEN, I learned that there was a store…called Nursery Couture. And well…I just had to go check it out. The very first time I popped in I met Katy, sweet as ever. Little did I know SHE was the owner of the shop. We chatted and discovered we had a lot in common. I didn’t realize she was who she was…Katy was the one in all the magazine articles on the wall…with Brooke Burke, Ashley Simpson, Tori Spelling, Samantha Harris. It was Katy who designed their nurseries! How lucky we local San Antonians are to have her here! Well, she is doing a monster giveaway and asked if I would help her out. I also wanted to help introduce you to her brand by giving you a review of a product you might enjoy. AND…she is generous enough to offer my readers a very special something. Read on for more about Katy & the styleberry special!

I have always loved your plush baby bedding, especially those giant bows on the Caden Lane Bumpers! Tell me about your brand & how you got your start?

When I first launched the collection almost 6 years ago, it was just with diaper bags. This was before all the stylish options now – back when all there was available was Winnie the Pooh totes, and quilted bags. I became pregnant with my first right after we launched the line, and when I had to start designing my own nursery and couldn’t find what I wanted… well, the bedding collection was born. The rest, as you say, is history! Caden Lane now has several hundred products offered in over 500 stores in several countries, we have our first flagship store Nursery Couture in San Antonio, and the newest addition is our apparel collection, Pitty Shants – a funky layette line.

In five words or less, tell me about your customer?

The style-savvy modern mom.

What is your very favorite item from your line?

Oooh, tough call. I love the bedding. I feel like we’ve mastered the crib bedding well above any other brand out there. The four separate slip-covered bumpers are a huge deal to me! Both of my kiddos were crib-climbers, so it was so nice to have the option of just taking out the front bumper, and still being able to leave the side bumpers on! I also love our extra long ties (so that the bumpers can be attached to almost any crib – even the thick wood ones), and our extra long skirts (16” drop).

We’ve shared our love for some of the neat products at Nursery Couture, like the life-saving Wubbanub & the snug as a bug SwaddleDesigns blanket. What is your favorite baby item outside your brand?

I love the burp sets from Baby Jar, and the sweet heart 3 piece set is my favorite of all their sets! They use the old school diaper cloths for the main part of the burps and die them to match the cute & funky fabrics they attach on top. I also love ALL the wall art from Mary Jack Studios, and the mobiles from Bla Bla.

How did you find styleberry? What do we have in common?

We suffered through our husbands years of residency, and still kept our sanity!  Just kidding, you were an adorable shopper at our store, Nursery Couture, in San Antonio.

Lastly, because much of this blog is about encouragement, what is your greatest piece of mommy wisdom??

Wine is every mom’s best friend. Haha, also kidding (sorta)… Actually, I think finding balance is the key to every mom’s sanity. For me, balancing work and family is a constant struggle, but worth it b/c I get the best of both worlds. We get mommies in the store all day long that are debating on going back to work or staying at home, and I tell all of them to wait on the decision, because about 6 weeks after that baby is born, you’ll know EXACTLY what you were meant to do! And neither answer is better than the other, I think you just have to decide what is best for your family (and your own sanity).

Caden Lane’s new boutique collection was just launched & includes FOUR new sets of crib bedding (at a LOWER price), twin/full big kid bedding, AND all new accessories! You can check out all the products by clicking the boutique picture below this!

OH, and I almost forgot! You, my lovely styleberry readers, get 15% off any purchases using the code “STYLEBERRY15” at checkout. Start your drooling! How much of this belongs in your home??!?

AND…here’s something really fun…click the image below to, as Katy says, WIN SOME MONEY, HONEY! She is giving away a $1000 gift card on Southwest Airlines, a $2000 shopping spree at www.NurseryCouture.com, or a $3000 donation to your favorite charity! It’s super easy to enter, and even more fun to WIN! Click on the image below for more details! Or go directly to the Caden Lane Blog. (It’s a really fun one to read!)

Lastly, Katy gave me a bib to review, that might be a nice starter product, if you have never owned anything from Caden Lane.


  • Very durable coating. I am comparing it to the Bumkins SuperBib and there really no question in which has superior quality in craftmanship.
  • It is THICK. I like that it is thicker, as the Bumkins bib was constantly sliding  around my daughter & she recently took to scrunching the very flexible material in her hands while eating. The Luxe Caden Lane Bib stayed put. And did not spin.
  • Great shoulder coverage. A common problem with baby bibs is that when the little one turns to look over their shoulder, the food misses the bib & catches their clothes. This bib has very wide shoulder protection, so we have yet to miss the bib & stain an outfit.
  • Passes the stain test. I decided to really give it a run for the money & get my home made beets all over the pink trim that is not coated. Much to my surprise, it washed totally clean! red peppers, broccoli, smooshed cheese…nothing has stained it so far! Still looks good as new!
  • You won’t find a cuter bib. While I was moderately satisfied with the Bumkins, they really were not cute. At all. These are reversible, and have the opposite patterns on the back. Caden Lane is known for their adorable patterns, and these are no exception. They are SO SASSY!
  • You only need a couple. Who wants to do bib laundry every day? I would so much rather wipe a bib clean immediately after my daughter eats. With the coated bib, you can either wipe, or rinse in the faucet if you have a really messy meal, then hang to dry before the next feeding! (Katy suggested hanging using a magnet on the fridge.) Therefore, you really only need a couple bibs. I LOVE that! So why not get the super cute ones?!?


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