oh what FUN! Caroline is ONE!

It began with tears & it ended with tears. The happy kind.

That morning we rushed in her room and sang her happy birthday. I don’t think she knew how to respond to her crazy parents, but she giggled and smiled as she normally does at 8am. I was flooded with emotion. Tears streaming down my face. Where did this come from?!? It’s a *happy* day! But all the memories came rushing back. The light in my house took me right back to the day before I had her. I kept sifting through the memories of life before the baby. It will just never be the same.

I fought tears on & off all day. My baby is so big. So beautiful in so many ways. That night at 10:15pm we had planned to go spy on her. That was exactly when she was born. I was upstairs watching the clock with my hubby & eagerly waiting to go take a peek at our girl. Then, out of the blue at 10:09, I heard a soft “ma ma.”

“I’m cooooooooooooming!” I screamed and ran to her room, only to find a wide eyed baby girl blinking her giant brown eyes at me. I scooped her up and rocked her. I cried. For a half hour she nuzzled her head into my neck and all the memories of her flooded me. Bringing her home. Her first smile.  Her first giggle. I love it all.

This year has been so wonderful in a zillion new and exciting ways. We wished for this baby for many years and don’t take a second for granted. She has helped us grow as people. She has no idea what she has brought to this family already. Happy Birthday, my Sweet Caroline!


& the saying on the cake is a follow-up to the baby shower cake!

my SIL Kim took my camera to catch the above shot & the following images…

& I took the camera back to snag the above two that I am not in & those below. I especially love the one that caught her “hugging” her high chair…which she only does when she loves what she is eating A LOT. :D

Party Info

Theme (Mod Monkey plates & balloons): Birthday Express

Damask Plates & Napkins: Party City

Cake: The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery

Tissue Paper Pom Poms: Martha Stewart Tutorial

Onesie: Circo by Target

Baby Leggings: DIY project using socks from Target

Onesie Embroidery: Itty Bitty Crafts

Tutu: gift from Trena (thank you!!) by Mud Pie

Headband: gift from Grammy, from Sweetie Face



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